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Do you struggle with flyaways?

Monday, November 19th, 2012

Do you struggle with flyaways?When it comes to making a stunning first impression, having well-maintained and luxurious hair is an important component. Yet, when the winter season gets underway, it can be difficult to keep locks looking their best. From cold winds to blistering snow storms, most women battle the elements by bundling up in scarves and hats – this can lead to the dreaded appearance of flyaways.

If your hair gets static-like after wearing a hat or other woolen material, you don't need to fret. You can guard against this threat with a few simple beauty steps.

For starters, you should invest in quality shampoo products and a silky finish conditioner that will leave your mane voluminous and hydrated. You may not think this matters in the fight against flyaways, but you couldn't be more wrong. By having well-nourished strands, you can prevent a host of follicle foibles, including frizz and flyaways.

Once you're through, you can make your beleaguered locks feel good as new with a non-sticky hairspray that can allow you style your hair into any look you desire. A reliable spray can also keep your strands from going haywire if you slip a hat over your head for a trek outdoors. 

Carly Rae Jepsen stuns audience at MTV EMAs with stylish bangs

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Carly Rae Jepsen stuns audience at MTV EMAs with stylish bangsA beautiful mane may come naturally to some women, but for others, it takes products like Dermalogica – Shine Therapy Shampoo to really get locks in brilliant condition. Yet once hair is looking full of life and volume, it can be difficult to settle on the perfect style.

If you've been on the fence about the right hairstyle for you, consider looking for a little inspiration from the stars!

At the MTV European Music Awards, singer-songwriter Carly Rae Jepsen arrived at the photocall in a stellar metallic gold ensemble that accentuated the star's pale complexion and luscious dark locks. The stylish brunette rocks blunt bangs with attitude, and paired with her bold use of black eyeliner and shadow, Jepsen cleverly chose to make her hair the focal point of her look.

If you want to channel Jepsen's magnetic energy by recreating her ultra-sleek 'do, you'll need something like Fekkai – Advanced Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum. This potent serum can keep your strands from going frizzy from exposure to heat, humidity or moisture, and help you achieve the super-straight look you crave.

With your tresses well-nourished and looking sensational at long last, that special guy is sure to call you, definitely.


What products should you pack along for your camping trip?

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

What products should you pack along for your camping trip?From camping out with family to roughing it on a road trip across the country, some of the best adventures you can embark on throughout the year may leave you exposed to the elements in more ways than one.

While this can be an exhilarating experience, if you don't have regular access to a shower, you may be searching for a way to maintain your well-kempt, polished appearance.

One of the best things you should pack along for your journey are full body wipes, which can clear away bacteria and other harmful pollutants from your skin. Those featuring SPF protection can also prevent against UV radiation and keep your complexion looking smooth and immaculate throughout your trip.

If you want your hair to retain its shine, you should also pack along dry shampoo, which can absorb oils in between showers and give your tresses a fresh scent throughout the day. With these great products in your knapsack, you'll be able to get in touch with nature without sacrificing your style!

Want hair that’s as straight as Jennifer Garner’s?

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Want hair that's as straight as Jennifer Garner's?Jennifer Garner doesn't normally partake in the latest trends, but that wasn't the case recently when she exited a New York City hotel with sleek, smooth strands that were so shiny, she might've been able to see her reflection in them (okay, maybe not THAT shiny). Super-straight, ultra-glossy hair is totally trendy this fall, and even girls with curls can get the look.

Start out in the shower with a glossing shampoo that smoothes your hair's cuticles and follow up with a similar sleekifying conditioner. When you're rinsing it out, turn the water temperature down so it's cold. This helps seal the hair's cuticles, trapping in moisture.

Now blowdry your hair as usual, taking special care to aim the nozzle down your hair toward the ends. If you go in any other direction, it could rough up your strands and create frizz.

When your hair's totally dry, part your locks wherever you'd like (Jennifer did hers down the center), and heat up your flat iron. Carefully smooth the iron over small sections of your hair, making sure that you don't stay in one spot for too long.

Finish up by spreading a pea-sized amount of glossing cream throughout your hair, staying away from the roots. Comb through and you're done!

How to create the perfect braided bun

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Looking for the perfect braided bun?If you’re looking for a new way to wear your hair that adds volume and sophistication, why not try a braided bun? While you might think that creating this style is a no-brainer (just make a braid and wrap it around itself), it looks a lot better if you take the time to make it thick. Here’s how to get it right, according to The Beauty Department.

First, use a shine-enhancing shampoo in the shower to be sure that your strands are sleek and smooth. Afterward, when your hair is dry, create two equally sized ponytails wherever you want the bun to be centered. They should be pretty close together

Now twist each ponytail into a rope braid, which is a lot easier than it sounds. You just divide it into two sections and twist them around each other. Secure the end of each one with an elastic. Use your fingers to fatten up the twists a bit for some texture, and use a strong-hold hairspray if a few pieces are falling out.

Now coil one of the braids up and over the back of your head, pinning it in place as you go. Tuck the end under the bottom of the other braid, then wrap that second one inside the other, concealing the center. Pin it in place and you’re done!

How to get your hair to go from straight to curly

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Want to go from straight to curly?Having straight hair is great as far as maintenance is concerned – you probably don't have to worry much about combating frizz or sleekifying your strands. But what happens if you want to switch up your look to a curly style? You might think it's difficult to get your straight hair to hold a curl, but with these tips it's a lot easier than you'd expect!

First, use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner in the shower before styling your tresses. Hamadi – Honey Soymilk Hair Wash will do the trick.

After the shower, when your hair is still damp, apply a curl-enhancing product. Then, right before you blowdry, spray your strands with a hairspray like Fekkai – COIFF Sheer Hold Hairspray. Blowdry your hair normally afterward, using a round brush to smooth out tangles.

Now, use a set of hot rollers to add curls to your hair. Just twist a small section of hair around each roller, roll them up toward your scalp and secure them in place. Spritz on a bit more hairspray when the curlers are in, then wait until they're cooled before taking them out.

Shake the curls out and separate them with your fingers, then spray on a bit more hairspray to really hold the curl. Easy!

One simple hair move that can transform any style

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Added height on top can transform any hairstyle!With social media sites like Pinterest and Tumblr providing hairstyle inspiration for women everywhere, there are more possibilities for unique styles than ever before. Whether you're dying to try out a trendy side braid, mermaid-like waves or an elaborate updo, there's one styling move that's sure to give the look an extra shot of polish.

According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, that move is creating a small hair bump at the back of your head. It works with any style, and it's totally easy to do as long as your hair is capable of holding some volume. So how can you pull it off?

Adding a little height at the back of your head is as simple as teasing the area and using a bit of hairspray, like Fekkai – COIFF Sheer Hold Hairspray. Just make sure that it's the layers of hair underneath the top layer that you're teasing, otherwise it may look messy.

Of course, a little extra volume beforehand couldn't hurt, so try using a shampoo like Fekkai – Advanced Full Blown Volume Shampoo in the shower on the day you plan to try the style.

Valentine’s Day hairstyles worth considering

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Curls are great for a Valentine's Day date!If you're still looking for the perfect hairstyle for your big Valentine's Day date, you're in luck. Glamour magazine's beauty blog recently pointed out a few hairstyles that are more than worthy of the big day.

1. A curly ponytail. Get tons of body with a shampoo like Leonor Greyl – Bain Volumateur Aux Algues, then blowdry upside down before pulling back into a high ponytail. Curl the ends with a curling iron, then twist a section around the elastic to conceal it.

2. Sexy waves. The key to this style is to ensure that you have plenty of shine, so use something like Dermalogica – Shine Therapy Shampoo. Once you're curled, pin a section of your hair behind your ear to show off your gorgeous face.

3. A braid. No matter what kind of braid you choose, it's important to get a lot of texture in your hair beforehand. This will help the style hold.

4. Clipped-back bangs. If you have bangs, pick up a pretty hair accessory that can hold them away from your face. This will help show off your fabulous makeup, and you won't have to worry about your bangs falling flat by the end of the evening.

The bouncy ponytail: bigger than ever in 2012

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

Big ponytails like this one on Miley Cyrus will be huge in 2012!If you're looking for a trendy way to wear your hair in 2012, you may want to consider the bouncy ponytail. According to Glamour magazine's beauty blog, the hairstyle is set to be huge in the upcoming year, and the best part is that it's nearly effortless.

To get big bounce, volumizing products are a must. Use a shampoo like L`Occitane – Aromachologie Volumizing Shampoo in the shower, then follow it up with a lightweight conditioner that won't drag your hair down throughout the day.

Blow dry your hair upside down to create even more height. Use a ponytail holder to smooth your hair back into a high ponytail, then use a comb to tease the roots of the pony. This will create a bouncy base that the rest of your hair will hang from.

To make it extra glamorous, wind a strand of the ponytail around the elastic and secure it with a bobby pin. Easy, right? And the best part is that it works for any occasion – whether it's at the gym or at a classy event.

Tips for keeping your tresses super shiny

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Keep your hair super healthy!It doesn't matter if your hair is long and straight or if you're currently sporting a bunch of curlicues on your head – chances are you care about the condition of your tresses. Unfortunately, factors such as the weather and even pollution can strain your mane and cause it to look especially dry and unhealthy.

Before you throw your arms up in exasperation, give yourself a buzz cut and book it to the nearest wig store, you may want to take note – every woman can have healthy, luxurious hair! With a few simple steps a celebrity-worthy hairstyle will be yours for the taking.

First, try your best to use the right shampoo. L'Occitane – Shea Butter Ultra Rich Shampoo and L'Occitane – Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo, both of which are jam-packed with hair healing ingredients, are two wonderful options.

Additionally, don't hesitate to take advantage of a deep conditioning treatment the next time you're at the salon. Many professional establishments come equipped with super powerful products that can do wonders for your appearance.

Finally, don't neglect those split ends! Trimming your tresses will allow them to remain in tip-top condition and foster the growth of gorgeous, healthy locks.