Lipstick is one of the easiest and most flattering makeup products because it does a lot to alter your look with only a couple of swipes.

If you’re never been comfortable with the idea of bright red lipstick, there’s good news you may want to hear.

Lip glosses are a great way to add a bit of dimension, glossiness and tint to your pout, but some formulas are plain and boring, only giving you the bare minimum of what you’d expect.

Lipstick is a great way to transform your lips at night and give yourself a glamorous boost every now and then.

You know that hot red lipstick is always in, but not everyone feels comfortable pulling off such a bold look.

You know it’s not very fashionable to show up at a holiday party looking like a Christmas elf, which is why you may balk at first when thinking about wearing a green and red combination.

It’s usually enough to have either fully pigmented lips or super shiny lips, but sometimes a little extra drama is desired, in which case both are totally acceptable.

The last thing you want to do on Monday morning is show up at work with a garishly made-up face that will make your coworkers cringe.

From creating the perfect pucker to enhancing those rosy cheeks, there’s so much you can do with the right lipstick!

Everybody longs for that perfect pink pucker – and with the right lipstick, you can achieve it instantly!

If you’ve been keeping up with beauty trends at all, you’ve probably noticed the widespread fascination with orange lip color come later winter or early spring. Now that the warm weather is in full swing, however, there’s really no better time to whip out the melon and tangerine glosses for a fresher-than-fresh face.

Ah, summertime – an occasion for balmy outdoor nights, the rotation of your entire collection of sundresses and, as always, flaunting the brightest shades of lipstick.