You’ve probably noticed by now that red lipstick is rarely, if ever, pure red.

Put yourself in a guy’s shoes for a second.

Both girls and guys have fallen victim to the sticky lip gloss.

This season, many women are reaching into their makeup bags for their go-to autumn lipstick shades: plum, wine, raspberry and brick red, just to name a few.

Take a second to think about your lipstick application.

Lipstick is one of the easiest and most flattering makeup products because it does a lot to alter your look with only a couple of swipes.

If you’re never been comfortable with the idea of bright red lipstick, there’s good news you may want to hear.

Lip glosses are a great way to add a bit of dimension, glossiness and tint to your pout, but some formulas are plain and boring, only giving you the bare minimum of what you’d expect.

Lipstick is a great way to transform your lips at night and give yourself a glamorous boost every now and then.

You know that hot red lipstick is always in, but not everyone feels comfortable pulling off such a bold look.

You know it’s not very fashionable to show up at a holiday party looking like a Christmas elf, which is why you may balk at first when thinking about wearing a green and red combination.

It’s usually enough to have either fully pigmented lips or super shiny lips, but sometimes a little extra drama is desired, in which case both are totally acceptable.