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5 Top Self-Tanning Tips

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

5 Top Self-Tanning TipsSelf-tanning is a nice way to get a warm glow, but, to do it right, requires a little time and preparation. Fortunately, the process isn’t difficult, just read up on the instructions ahead of time, and plan your self-tanning for a time when you are not rushed.

Don’t Neglect a Test Patch

Allergic reactions to self-tanning products are rare, but not unheard of. Considering how uncomfortable a rash or other allergic reaction could be over your entire body, however, it makes sense to perform a patch test 24 to 48 hours before you self-tan. You can make sure you don’t have a reaction, and get an idea on how the color looks on your skin.

Prep First

Don’t self-tan irritated skin, so wax at least 24 hours before self-tanning, and shave at least 12 hours in advance. Stay away from deodorant, essential oils and perfumes as well during this time, as all of these items can interfere with the self-tanners ability to process evenly. Use an exfoliating product before you self-tan, to remove dry skin, which will absorb the tanning product unevenly. Follow up with a water based moisturizer to hydrate skin so it will absorb the product nicely.

Have The Right Supplies

In addition to the self-tanner of your choice, have tight fitting, disposable gloves, a water based moisturizer and cotton swabs on hand. You don’t want to go searching for these items once you get started. Ideally, once you start self-tanning, you will have several uninterrupted hours. Once you apply the tanner, the longer you can allow it to process before doing anything else, the better your results will be.

Start at the Bottom

Apply your preferred tanner, starting at your feet and working your way up. This keeps you from smudging still damp tanner by leaning over. If you are not using disposable gloves, wash your hands frequently during the application process. If you wait until the very end, your palms will probably be stained orange. Once you have applied self-tanner to your entire body, go back and use a towel to lightly buff the areas such as your knees and ankles, that may accumulate self-tanner.

Give it Time

Most people find self-tanning best as a evening time event. After you apply the self- tanner, you want to let it dry completely before getting dressed. Even then, some transfer is likely, so loose fitting, dark colored clothes are best. You also don’t want to sweat, swim, shower or bathe for at least six hours after applying self-tanner. Tanning at night allows you to sit around for a bit to dry, then go to bed, minimizing the chances of smudging your tan.

Top 3 tips for finding the perfect makeup for your hair color

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Top 3 tips for finding the perfect makeup for your hair colorHow many times have you felt like your brown eyeliner doesn't quite bring out the best in your hair color? Depending on what shade you have, you might not be doing justice to your 'do with your current collection of cosmetics. Here are the top three tips for matching your makeup to your hair color.

1. Go bold if you're brunette
Women's Health magazine recommends embracing color if you're a brunette. Your hair color allows you to flaunt hues that truly pop. Try the being TRUE Eye Shadow Compact in a shade such as African Violet to bring out the best in your hair and face.

2. Opt for shimmer if you're blonde
While you might think that neutral and matte makeup is best for you if you're a blonde, the fact of the matter is that shimmery foundations, eyeshadows and blush can do wonders for your complexion, according to Marie Claire magazine.

3. Go green if you're a redhead
If you're a redhead, your hair is already bringing warmth to your complexion. Offset this with makeup in cool green tones that can provide some contrast. Pink hues on your cheeks and lips can help you complement your hair color.

Are you eager to add more definition to your brows?

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Are you eager to add more definition to your brows?Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wished you had better, more evenly defined brows? While plucking and waxing arches into the perfect shape can be a hassle, it's even more difficult determining which shape is the best for your face!

According to Elle Magazine, the careful art and science of brow shaping boils down to the placement of your brow bone – if you've got a high set brow bone, you should let your arches grow in thicker, since it's bound to be more flattering on your face. Conversely, those with smaller, more delicate features can be easily overwhelmed by full brows.

If, even after plucking, you're still not getting the definition you crave, try using a brow emphasizer that features a tinted gel formula. A product like this helps carefully sculpt brows, which in turn can frame your face to perfection!

For an added allure, you can also create the appearance of lusher brows with a mineral pigment brow kit that blends seamlessly with your complexion. You're sure to look radiant once you're through with this regimen.

Get frightfully fashionable beauty tips for your Halloween costume

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Get frightfully fashionable beauty tips for your Halloween costumeDo you eagerly count down the days to Halloween, but always have trouble picking out the perfect costume? You don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to flaunt some of these super-sexy looks in time for your big holiday bash! With a few of these quick tips, you can pull off a range of frightfully fun styles with tools from your very own cosmetics bag.

Vampire. They’re trendy, mysterious and impervious to the aging process – what’s not to love about being a vampire? From the Twilight Saga to True Blood, the undead have a timeless allure we just can’t help but swoon over. To sink your teeth into this lively costume idea, start by painting your nails a vampy shade of blood red. With Lippmann Collection – Forsaken Bad Things Nail Lacquer Set, you can capture the sultry energy the undead are so known for.

And as any creature of the night knows, nothing ruins a perfectly decadent party like an uneven complexion, or worse, the dreaded signs of sun damage. Before getting into costume, apply a chemical-free and ultra-hydrating product like COOLA – Face SPF 20 Mineral Sunscreen Rose Essence Tint, which can keep your complexion free from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Witch. Forget the green skin and the wart-covered nose! If you really want to bewitch your pals this Halloween season, the best costume for you is as a witch. Back in the day, you might have relished dressing up in ghoulish face paint and a black wig to channel a spooky witch vibe, but this year, you can show how magically appealing you’ve become by sporting skin so radiant and age-defying, onlookers are sure to fall under your spell.

With an anti-aging cream like BABOR – Baborganic Pure Age Preventing Cream, you can boost cell regeneration and renewal, both essential in turning back the clock on fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. Best of all, this green product features 100 percent organic ingredients, just like you’d find in your average cauldron.

You can also add a captivating sparkle to your style by sprinkling loose mineral eyeshadow like those offered by Colorscience Pro – Genie Sparkle Colore over your peepers. In dazzling shades like Moonlighting or Wait Until Dark, you’re sure to create a scene.

Medieval queen. For fans of the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, this fantasy series has inspired everything from home decor to personal style. This Halloween, you can channel your inner regal and capture the dynamic energy of the show by dressing up just like a Medieval queen!

For a fresh and feminine look that will complement your ensemble, leave your hair unbound or crown yourself with a loose braid. Hair products that will add volume and definition can be a great way to give your tresses a subtle yet luminous appeal.

Playful cat. Are you looking for a costume you can pull together in a pinch? While it may not be the most unique, dressing up as a playful cat for Halloween can be a flattering costume for women of any age and with a few of the right beauty products you can make this style one-of-a-kind. The best part about dressing up as a mischievous kitty for the holiday? It gives you the chance to show off flawlessly crafted cat eyes!

To start, grab a primer and blend it along your upper lash line to ensure your eyeliner stays intact throughout the evening, then gently trace a line over your upper lash. Most importantly, don’t forget to add a swoop! You can make your initial line thicker depending on how much of a statement you want to make.

A precision eyeliner like BABOR – Maxi Definition Eye Liner (Black) offers a calligraphy tip that can make it easy to draw the most exact line possible. One thing’s for sure, though – with this bold look, you’re bound to make a dramatic impression!

How to use shimmer powder to enhance your natural glow

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

How to use shimmer powder to enhance your natural glowYou might already have a wide variety of shimmery eyeshadow to choose from in your makeup collection, but have you thought about shimmer powder? Whether you still go to the club on the weekends or you just want something to wear on your next hot date, a bit of sparkle is a must!

That being said, there are a few rules to abide by when it comes to applying it – after all, you don't want to glow too much when the sun catches your face.

First, keep in mind that blending is key when it comes to shimmer powder. Think of it as an enhancement to your skin tone rather than a topical makeup used to add color.

Next, apply shimmer to areas where you want to draw attention. Most women opt for the skin around the eyes, especially if they want to make their peepers appear larger and more intriguing.

Finally, don't skimp when you're looking for the perfect shimmer powder to add to your cosmetics collection. Consider Youngblood Lunar Dust to give yourself a radiant glow, even after the sun goes down.

One surprising product that can help you cover a bruise

Friday, July 13th, 2012

Believe it or not, lipstick can help you cover that right up!Bruises happen all the time – maybe you bumped into the coffee table in your living room or whacked your elbow on a door frame – but they're not very attractive. Especially in summer, when you're probably rocking outfits that bare your arms and legs. Luckily, there's one surprising product that can help you cover it right up.

What is it? Red lipstick! According to Allure Magazine, the red of the lipstick helps to neutralize the blue and purple of the bruise, so it's great for layering underneath a regular foundation.

To get perfect coverage, dab red lipstick like Bare Escentuals – Classic Red Lipstick onto the bruise, then set it with a thin layer of translucent face powder. Now use a concealer like Dermablend – Leg and Body Cover Creme SPF 15 to cover the area, using a makeup sponge or brush to blend the formula seamlessly into the skin around the bruise. Set it once more with the powder, and no one will know that there used to be a big splotchy mark there!

Scarlett Johansson rocks a new wrist tattoo

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Scarlett Johansson has new ink to brag about!Recently, Scarlett Johansson's been seen out and about in New York City sporting a new wrist tattoo that defines her love of the city. According to Glamour Magazine's beauty blog, the tattoo is of a chain link bracelet on her wrist, with a charm that says "I heart NY." This isn't the first piece of ink for the starlet, but it might be one of the most noticeable.

If you're into tattoos, you may have noticed that sometimes an event or occasion calls for a different look. Whether you're a bride-to-be who's getting married soon or you have a serious job interview coming up, you may find that covering up your tattoo is to your best benefit. But how exactly do you go about camouflaging something that's normally meant to be in the spotlight?

Luckily, Dermablend Cosmetics has you covered – literally! Use Dermablend – Leg and Body Tattoo Primer first to conceal the ink and set up a smudge-proof surface, then apply Dermablend – Leg and Body Cover Creme SPF 15 for a smooth and natural finish. To make sure the concealer does its job all day or night, finish up with a setting powder. No one will ever know what's underneath!

Amp up your decolletage for the perfect strapless look

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Going strapless? Amp up your decolletage!If you’re planning to wear a strapless dress for an upcoming holiday party, you may want to start paying attention to your decolletage. After all, it’s going to be prominently on display, and your skin is your best accessory! Here are some tips from Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the days before the event, be sure to use a face cream on your chest area. Dermalogica – Skin Smoothing Cream (3.4 oz.) will keep it smooth, improve the texture and give plenty of hydration.

On the day of, use a loofah to gently scrub your chest, neck and shoulders to remove any dead skin cells that could be making it look dull. Then, mix a bit of shimmer with your regular body lotion and apply it in small circles for an even application. Use a concealer to hide any blemishes, them set it with a translucent powder.

Once you’re dressed, use a bronzer like GloMinerals – gloBronze – SunKiss to define your chest. Sweep it over the curve of your breasts, then down in between. Finish with a bit of highlighter on your collarbones, shoulders and in between your cleavage.

Babor – Camouflage Cream

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Product Used in This Video

BABOR - Camouflage Cream

BABOR – Camouflage Cream

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How to cover up a tattoo

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Need to cover up a tattoo?Whatever your motives are, there may come a time when you find that it simply won't do to have your tattoo visible. Whether it's your wedding day or you're at a conservative event, covering a tattoo may seem like a difficult task. However, it's easier to do than you think.

Just take Dermablend's transformation of heavily-tattooed model, Rick Genest a.k.a. Zombie Boy as an example, who was completely bare-skinned for the video promotion of their Dermablend – Leg and Body Cover Creme SPF 15. Every single one of his tattoos was perfectly covered, and you can get the look at home yourself.

It may help to buy a couple of different shades of the product, as you want a lighter shade for the base and one that matches your skin tone. Apply it using a concealer brush like Bare Escentuals – Maximum Coverage Detail Concealer Brush. Keep the makeup focused on the tattoo itself – not on the surrounding skin. Blend it in perfectly when you're done and finish it off with a dusting of powder to set the foundation. You should be tattoo-free for hours!