You might think you know all there is to learn about eyeliner application – after all, your eyes are only so big.

You’re probably familiar with the highlighting trick that defines the inner corners of your eyes.

If you use a highlighter on your face, you know how well it can brighten up your complexion and make you look positively glowing.

If you’re getting a little bored with your go-to brown eyeshadows, you might be interested in the newest color that’s been showing up on red carpets: eggplant.

It can be difficult to find eyeshadow shades that work with a variety of eye colors, but there’s one hue that manages to look flattering on all complexions and colorings – shimmery brown.

There’s nothing like a good curl to define your lashes and make your eyes appear more open.

Despite what you may think, there’s no such thing as a do-it-all mascara, according to Allure magazine.

Brown is quickly taking over as the color of choice when it comes to eyeliner, but not all women are satisfied with it.

Spring’s not here yet, but with so many new colors of eyeshadow out there, you don’t have to wait until April to break out the soft pastels.

Glasses are becoming fashionable, whether or not you need a prescription to help you see.

Before you start getting excited about sprinkles and frosting, cake liner has nothing to do with dessert and everything to do with your eye makeup.

Smokey eyes aren’t easy to pull off whenever you want.