It seems that women are always looking for ways to get longer-looking lashes, and while many gals may think the secret to fuller fringe lies within the contents of the mascara tube, it may actually be linked to how the product is applied.

It’s not often that products are referred to as universally flattering, as items are often formulated to appeal to a specific group of women, such as brunettes or those with blue eyes. However, according to, there are a few cosmetics that may flatter everyone.

Now that fall has arrived, women may be looking for new makeup trends to accompany their autumn attire, and it seems that one trend that is heating up is gorgeous green eyeshadow.

New York Fashion Week has come to a close, and while many fashionistas are still discussing the various collections that were shown, others in the beauty world are still reeling from the countless makeup looks that premiered on the spring 2011 runways. However, given the overwhelming amount of shows, it can be difficult to sort through the hundreds of looks to select the hottest trends for spring makeup.

While eye makeup tends to be a bit darker once summer ends, don’t resign yourself to a palette of blacks and browns just yet. Instead, add a burst of color to your look by applying a richly hued pigment in an unexpected area – your lower lash line.

While the temperatures begin to drop and leaves are starting to turn, women across the country are filling up their cosmetic cases with the freshest makeup for fall. But, thanks to New York Fashion Week, which kicked off last week, some analysts are already predicting the beauty trends for spring 2011.

While many people view Labor Day weekend as a time to bid adieu to beach parties, sandals and warm weather, it also marks the end of summer beauty trends. According to, there are a few fads that ladies should retire as the temperatures drop and the leaves start changing.

After the Emmys were handed out at Sunday’s awards show, most of the talk turned to what each star was wearing, and many critics agreed that this year’s best-dressed starlet was Glee star Lea Michele, pictured here at the Teen Choice Awards. The Emmy-nominee wowed the crowd in a strapless midnight blue number that featured a mermaid-like ruffled silhouette.

While many women base their makeup choices on their eye color, hair color and skin tone, some ladies have another element to factor in when applying cosmetics – glasses. Eyewear can draw extra attention to your peepers, so if you regularly don spectacles, you may want utilize a few expert tips when choosing your eye makeup.

Are there any beauty rules that weren’t made to be broken? From white eyeliner to blue lipstick, it seems that one-time faux-pas are being embraced by glamor gals everywhere.

There are certain looks that, cool as they appear, are seemingly impossible to pull off, and white eyeliner has long been one of those trends. While a light-colored streak may open your eyes and brighten your face, an incorrect application can result in a futuristic-looking mess.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to select the eye makeup that will best enhance your eye color. Should brown-eyed beauties don cocoa-colored cosmetics, or should they opt for a contrasting silver-toned eyeshadow instead?