Most gals stick to a couple of shades of eyeshadow and rely on them to get through any occasion.

There are many colors and varieties of blush, but have you ever noticed that there’s not always a perfect match to mimic the shade your face gets when you’re actually flushed?

Many women use brown eyeshadow on a regular basis.

Put yourself in a guy’s shoes for a second.

If you’re prepping to go to a holiday party anytime soon, you might want to add a hint of shine into your makeup routine for an overall prettier effect.

The holiday season calls for a certain level of glitz and glam, but according to Allure magazine, that doesn’t mean you should be reaching for chunky glitters.

Everyone wants to look great at holiday parties.

With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably on the guest list of a party or two.

Not everyone has perfectly smooth skin around their eyes.

If you’re one of those ladies who wakes up in the morning with seriously puffy eyes, don’t worry.

The holiday season is pretty much defined by that white stuff that falls from the sky and blankets everything in sight, creating a muted, soft landscape with a hint of sparkle.

Even if you’re a professional when it comes to applying eyeliner and mascara, you may not be a whiz when it comes to fake eyelashes.