Rachel Bilson Rocks Retro Beauty

Rachel Bilson has always emanated the epitome of clean-cut, girl-next-door beauty.

If you frequently paint your own nails, you know it can be a time consuming process.

Stick-on manicures are all the rage lately.

Whether you like it or not, there comes a time when that cute manicure you managed to pull off reaches the end of its life.

There are a lot of nail polish trends going around these days, which is great if you like variety and experimentation.

The Art Deco era is having a moment in fashion.

Glittery nail polish is super trendy these days, whether it’s monochromatic, rainbow, chunky or fine.

You may have noticed that polka dots are everywhere lately, which means they’re officially a trend in 2012.

Now that 2011 is coming to a close, it’s time to review the year in terms of nail fashion.

Have you ever picked up a gorgeous shade of dark nail polish, like navy or purple, only to discover that the hue just looks black on your nails?

Intricate nail art is a huge trend that’s been showing up on runways, fashion spreads and beauty websites.

There’s nothing quite like New Years to bring out the best in people. Everyone wants to start off the new year afresh, whether it means amping up your workout routine, vowing to cut down on your chocolate intake or even to take a few more risks in life. If you’re already creating a list of […]