Neon nail polish is going to be a huge trend this summer, but some ladies might feel like it’s a big commitment.

Have you ever spent a painstakingly long amount of time doing your manicure, only to discover half an hour later that little bubbles are erupting underneath your meticulous layers of polish?

For many people, Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season, which means you might soon be gearing up for barbecues, beach outings, poolside gatherings or other warm-weather activities. Because you’ll likely be showing off more skin, it might be necessary to update your beauty regimen to ensure that you’re looking your best. Here […]

A lot has been happening in the world of nail fashion, which means that if you haven’t been paying close attention, some of the trendiest styles may have slipped by you unnoticed.

You might think that once you reach a certain age, some beauty trends are best left untested.

Nail art is all the rage these days, but stocking up on the tools necessary to create your favorite looks can be expensive.

Now that the warmer weather is (almost) here, it’s time to switch up your manicure.

While most runway trends don’t come remotely close to being wearable by everyday women, there is one recent nail fashion move that’s proven to be totally doable. That would be the accent nail. According to, the accent nail originated during New York Fashion Week in 2011, when the team at CND created “cocktail nails” […]

If you’re planning to go out and get wild on St. Patrick’s Day, or you just really like to show off your festive side, there’s no better way to get glammed up than with cute shamrocks and spring colors on your nails!

The nail art trend is still going strong, but not everyone has the artistic talents of a professional manicurist.

The ombre trend is still in full swing, but many woman have found it difficult to pull off on their nails without the help of a professional manicurist.

If you frequently paint your own nails, you know it can be a time consuming process.