If you’re like a lot of us, the day-to-day stresses of everyday life may inspire all kinds of unruly nail-biting habits and cuticle abuse. And, on top of everything else, we’re just starting to see the light at the end of the long winter tunnel, a season which isn’t particularly known for being friendly to our hands.

The same woman that’s behind the manicure confections that pay homage to Jessica Rabbit is also responsible for masterminding the talons sported by the shock-pop queen herself, Lady Gaga.

If you’re wondering, like we are, what a Jessica Rabbit manicure would look like, there’s good news for all. Deborah Lippmann is coming out with an exclusive shade of polish for the 2011 holiday season inspired by the cartoon seductress, and it’s bound to cause quite a stir.

French manicures are about a dime a dozen, even if they typically set you back a good $20. While this classic application is timeless, have you ever searched for an alternative to getting white tips?

It’s a safe bet that the only colors we’ll be seeing outdoors for the next couple of months are white, gray, and well – more white. But, if you’re looking to add to your arsenal of winter-blues-beating tricks, consider trying some of these hot nail polish colors to add a healthy dose of color to everything you touch.

While many women only indulge in pedicures during sandal season, treating your feet in the cold months too can be a great pick-me-up. However, a winter pedicure requires a little more TLC than a summertime one.

Though 2011 has just started, it seems that the year’s hottest hue has already been chosen. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the color of 2011 is Honeysuckle, a reddish pink that is described as stimulating and uplifting.

Manicured nails are one of the quickest ways to look more pulled together and refined, but once the polish chips, your stock instantly plummets. Instead of spending each night retouching your talons, take a few precautionary measures to keep your lacquer looking lovely.

While many women enjoy painting their faces with cosmetics, some wear makeup with the intention of attracting attention from the opposite sex. And though many looks are alluring, there is some makeup that men may not like.

Now that it’s a new year, it’s the perfect time to take a few beauty risks. And while chopping your hair off and dying it platinum like Ashlee Simpson or rocking neon shadow like Rachel McAdams may seem too extreme for some, why not take a cue from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s unique manicure?

Many people who go home for the holidays spend the week after Christmas taking a break from work and relaxing with family. And now that the stress of the holiday season is behind you, why not treat yourself to some at-home beauty treatments? It’s a great way to look and feel your best before New Year’s Day.

From Nicki Minaj to the candy-hued runways at Fashion Week, it’s clear that the current trend is to load up on the color. However, some women may feel a bit apprehensive dying their strands to match the rainbow or painting on an orange pout and lime eyeliner.