More than likely, you’ve seen at least one unfortunate soul walking around with bright red lipstick on her teeth.

No matter what you’re doing on Valentine’s Day, chances are you’ll be doing it with someone else.

Everyone has a big night out every now and then, which often results in a less-than-perfect morning.

Not everyone has a date on Valentine’s Day, which can make it one of the worst days of the year for those who wish they did have romantic plans.

If you’re searching for a way to make smaller eyes look bigger or create a soft, feminine effect with your eye makeup, all it takes is a switch from eyeliner to eyeshadow on your lower lash lines.

Wearing the same old eyeliner look can get boring day after day, but luckily there’s a new way to wear your eyeliner that will freshen up your look and turn date night prepping into an exciting affair.

Choosing the right makeup looks has a lot to do with your skin tone, but another factor that should be taken into consideration is your hair color. Ladies with red, black, brown and blond hair can mix and match makeup looks that will take advantage of the color and play up their stunning features. Here’s […]

Sometimes things can get a bit boring in relationships, which means that spicing it up is always refreshing.

Sometimes, grabbing the same old mascara day after day just doesn’t cut it anymore.

You may have heard somewhere along the line that matching your makeup to your clothes is a bit over-the-top.

Creamy makeup formulas have a lot to offer.

During the winter months, many women struggle with dry skin that just doesn’t seem to go away.