It’s no secret that air travel can leave you looking less than fresh. But with careful planning and packing, you can arrive looking radiant and rested – even if you’re not. Use the guide below to pack your carry-on with essential items to combat the dry air of the airplane cabin.

Ombre is everywhere lately, whether on nails, hair or clothes.

You don’t always have to get all complicated with your makeup products to end up with a gorgeous look.

The nail art trend is still going strong, and women everywhere are finding new and exciting ways to decorate their manicures.

There’s nothing more fun than sitting down at your vanity and taking the time to apply a full face of makeup using a bunch of different products.

Emma Stone has been switching up her looks a lot recently as she promotes The Amazing Spider-Man.

Whether you gnaw on your nails because of nerves or you do it in an attempt to fix that jagged edge or hangnail, chances are your habit isn’t making your nails look particularly awesome.

The beauty world has several rules that many women try to abide by, like never wearing a lip liner that’s darker than your lipstick or never mixing a bold eye with a bold lip.

Universally-flattering is an adjective that’s not often used when it comes to makeup, but Ashlee Simpson recently proved that there’s one eyeshadow shade worthy of the description.

People say that everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, and apparently makeup colors are no exception.

The worst part about having an oily complexion is that your makeup seems to slide right off every afternoon – it’s like clockwork!

During the summer, women have a lot more options when it comes to shoes.