While many people tune into the Emmy Awards to see which actors take home the coveted statues, others watch the event to observe the latest trends in the fashion and beauty world. And, after Sunday’s awards show, it seems that some of television’s most glamorous gals are rocking some seriously dark manicures.

Impeccably maintained nails are a quick and easy way to create a polished look, but between busy work days and hectic social schedules, it can be nearly impossible to find the time to schedule a manicure.

Some women consider manicures a lavish indulgence and reserve them for special occasions, while others simply view the treatment as a necessary component of their beauty routine. Regardless of the reason behind getting one’s nails professionally painted, there is one question all ladies seem to have – how can you make your manicure last as long as possible?

Though temperatures tend to cool down in autumn, the upcoming trends for fall makeup seem to be heating up. Luckily, ladies who are looking forward to painting their nails in this autumn’s hottest shades don’t need to wait until the leaves start changing – with a bit of insight, women can start shopping for trendy nail polish now.

It’s rarely news when Ke$ha, known for her quirky style and offbeat fashion statements, makes a splash at a red carpet event by wearing a daring ensemble or out-of-this-world makeup. However, the popstar recently turned heads when she arrived at last weekend’s Casio’s Shock the World 2010 event wearing an unusual shade of lipstick – baby blue!

While brides-to-be often focus on their gown, hair and makeup before their upcoming nuptials, few may take time to think about an extremely important feature – their hands! Women who are about to say ‘I do’ may want to treat themselves to a manicure – as soon as rings are exchanged, guests will be glancing at your hands all night.

Manicures and pedicures seem to be an imperative part of girls’ summertime beauty regime – open-toed shoes display toes, and long sleeves and gloves that hide fingernails are nowhere in sight. So, discovering a new trend in nail design can be just as exciting as picking up that new bikini.

Everything seems a bit more fun in the summertime, from the music to the fashion. Now, it seems that today’s hottest celebrities are embracing one more warm-weather trend – bright and wild manicures!

Begin by removing all polish. Massage with a cuticle cream and push back the cuticles with a soft cloth. Wash thoroughly with a gentle soap and warm water. Make sure nails are clean and dry. File if needed. Square off the tips. Wash and let dry again. Apply one layer of base coat. This will […]