If you’ve noticed complexion imperfections caused by aging, you might be considering cosmetic injectables or plastic surgery to restore the youthful look and feel of your skin.

If you’re not into some of the wild looks being featured on the runways lately, you might be more excited about the makeup that the models wore for the recent Gucci show.

Looking for a pretty, sweet makeup look with a little funky edge?

From glycolic acid peels to exfoliators and lightening products, you may have everything situated when it comes to skincare treatments for your face.

If you’re not using a rich eye cream as part of your beauty regimen, you’re doing your peepers (specifically the skin around them) a disservice.

With the changing of seasons often comes a shift in your skin’s habits, whether it goes from oily to dry or from relatively normal to more sensitive.

Even during the summer, you may be faced with an age-old problem – chapped lips.

You might think you have it all down when it comes to your skincare routine – a moisturizer, sunblock, primer and foundation give you a fresh-looking face.

Are you one of those people who starts getting red and blotchy whenever you’re hot and flustered?

Yes, you read that correctly – there is such a thing as a bird poop facial.

Serums are one of skincare’s greatest champions – saving the faces of women everywhere.

There’s nothing worse than realizing an hour or two into your day that your face is basically an oil slick.