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Sunscreen in the winter: do you really need it?

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Even though you're getting less sun, you still need SPF in the winter!Unless you're headed on a tropical vacation, you're probably not going to find yourself out in the sunlight much this winter. Cloudy days tend to happen more often, and colder weather means you're less likely to stay outside for long periods of time.

However, that doesn't mean you should skip wearing sunscreen. Believe it or not, you can still pick up some of the sun's damaging UV rays just from being outside for a couple of minutes. Also, clouds aren't good protection because UV rays can penetrate right through them.

You don't have to go with a heavy sunscreen formula like you would for a day at the beach. Instead, opt to include a bit of SPF in your moisturizer or makeup routine. A product like TRUE Cosmetics – Protective Mineral Foundation SPF 17 Powder gives you the coverage you're looking for, both for blemishes and sun protection.

If you're really missing the way your skin looks with plenty of sunshine, you can easily achieve a bronzed look at home with Youngblood – Natural Mineral Radiance (Sundance). A bit on your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose will make you look radiant – not like you've been cooped up inside.

Eat your way to a healthy glow

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Certain fruits and veggies can help you get a sun-kissed glow!It's tough to maintain a believable tan in winter – especially if you want to avoid tanning beds – but it's not impossible if you combine the right self-tanners and bronzers with glow-improving foods.

According to Marie Claire magazine, researchers have found that certain fruits and vegetables with organic pigments called carotenoids can help those with pale skin tones to darken up in as little as a month. Orange and dark green fruits and vegetables, like carrots, mangoes, squash, kale and spinach will do the trick.

In addition, you may want to use an easy self-tanner like TanTowel – Self-Tan Towelette. All you have to do is swipe it on clean, dry skin. It will dry in a minute or so, so there's no need to wait long to put your clothes on, and it develops over the course of three to four hours.

Youngblood – Natural Mineral Radiance (Sundance) can be used on your face to create a matching glow with the perfect natural highlights to brighten your complexion. By eating these fruits and vegetables and using bronzing products, you'll be looking radiant in no time.

One change to make to your routine this year

Monday, December 19th, 2011

You need sunscreen every day - not just poolside!If you're compiling a list of New Year's resolutions, you may want to think for a minute about what changes your beauty routine could use. Although you probably don't need a full makeover, there is one step you might be missing out on that could do wonders for your skin.

If you're not slathering on the sunscreen every morning before you do your makeup and head outside, you're doing your skin a disservice. It needs protection from the sun's harsh rays even when you're not at the beach or hanging for hours in the great outdoors.

According to Allure magazine, the challenge is finding a sunscreen that gives you enough protection without feeling thick and greasy. Heavy formulas can make your makeup slide around and cause excess shine. Luckily, many makeup products include SPF, like Paula Dorf – Face Tint with SPF 15, so you know they'll blend right in. Sheer sunscreens, wipes and powders also work well, so try something like Shady Day – Daily Sun Protection Wipes SPF 30.

Anti-aging skincare for all ages

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Anti-aging skincare is appropriate for all ages!You’ve probably realized by now that the best way to prevent aging is to start changing your everyday habits and use anti-aging skincare products early – even before you start seeing fine lines, age spots and wrinkles. While not all ages need every anti-aging product on the market, there are certain things you should be providing your skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Here’s a list of the things everyone should do, followed by advice for each stage of your mid-life, according to and Allure magazine.

Anti-aging advice for all ages
These tips are meant to be started immediately for all ages.
1. Stop smoking. Even if you’ve been a smoker for a number of years, it’s never too late to stop further damage from happening. Smoking greatly accelerates the aging of your skin because it encourages the destruction of collagen, which helps your skin remain plump and smooth. Smoking can make your skin dull, dry and wrinkled, so do yourself a favor and quit!
2. Wear sunscreen. Applying sunblock not only protects your skin from getting burned, but it protects your skin from aging. Prolonged sun exposure can create advanced age spots, wrinkles and give your skin a leathery texture. Use a product like Dermablend – Cover Creme SPF 30 (New Formula), which covers up existing marks and protects your skin.
3. Eat well. As long as your diet is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, your skin should be getting the antioxidants and vitamins you need to fight the signs of aging. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important, so be sure to include nuts and fish like salmon into your diet. If you’re concerned that you’re not getting enough, consider taking a vitamin supplement.
4. Exercise. Working out and moving is great for all parts of your body – even your skin. It increases the delivery of oxygen to your skin cells, as well as important vitamins so your skin looks younger longer. Make sure to drink plenty of water as you exercise to keep hydrated.
5. Sleep. Ever heard of beauty sleep? It’s real. Your body releases hormones while you’re sleeping to stimulate cell turnover and refresh your skin. Too much stress and lack of sleep can suppress your immune system and speed up aging, so get plenty of rest each night.

What to do when you’re:
• In your 20s. During this hectic age, you should be protecting and repairing your skin. Stress can increase the amount of damaging free radicals in your body, which show up as dark circles, puffiness and dullness. Use plenty of sunscreen, as well as a moisturizer with plenty of antioxidant ingredients, like Exuviance – Essential Daily Defense Fluid SPF 15.
• In your 30s. When you begin to see signs of aging, it’s time to exfoliate and regenerate your skin. Declining levels of collagen and elastin can create fine lines and wrinkles, while the rate of skin regeneration begins to slow down. Use products with peptides or retinols, which help to elevate your collagen and elastin, like BABOR – DOCTOR BABOR Derma Cellular Collagen Booster Cream. Exfoliate regularly to get rid of dead cells and increase cell turnover on the surface of your skin.
• In your 40s. During this period you may notice that your skin seems thinner and less hydrated, which is why it’s important to plump and soothe. Use a product with hyaluronic acid, which hold water to plump your skin from within. SkinMedica – Hydrating Complex is a good choice.
• In your 50s. Changes in your hormones can cause dryness at this age, so it’s crucial to hydrate and nurture your skin. Glycerin and ceramides can help to repair your skin’s natural moisture barrier, so use a product like SkinMedica – TNS Ceramide Treatment Cream.

How to apply sunscreen without getting greasy

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Keep your matte look, even while applying sunscreen.Summertime means sweat – a lot of it. If you're the kind of gal who breaks out in perspiration after walking up a flight of stairs during the dog days of summer, the thought of applying greasy sunscreen on top of your already fragile complexion might be less than appealing. Here's how you can protect yourself from the sun without ruining your pretty, matte look.

First, start each morning by washing your face – even if you washed it the night before. Oil can build up on your skin during the night, and on a hot summer evening, you might even wake up a little sweaty. Washing your face with a gentle cleanser will clean out your pores and get you ready for the day.

Next, apply primer underneath your makeup to keep sweat from running your foundation. If sunscreen lotion will make your skin too shiny, opt for a foundation that includes a high SPF, so you can be protected all day long. When you're finished, brush on a sheer powder to keep your makeup put and soak up any oil.

For touch ups during the day, carry around some inexpensive oil-absorbing sheets – or simply use a torn-apart piece of two-ply toilet paper. Blot it against your forehead, nose and cheeks to absorb excess sheen for a matte look as long as you need it.

Avoiding ‘runner’s rash’

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Avoid runner's rash with these tips.If you're a serious runner, running mile after mile in compression shorts, a tight sports bra or a scratchy jersey can leave your skin red, raw and irritated. If chafing is making your runs unpleasant, there are steps you can take to sooth your itchy skin, quench your body and get your complexion back on track.

If you're not comfortable in your own skin, running is going to be a pain. To ensure that you can stretch and jog without irritation, make sure that your skin is hydrated and moisturized every day before you head out to hit the pavement. The best time to hydrate is after a shower, so grab some moisturizer – and be careful to focus on your skin's driest spots, like your elbows and knees.

Running for an extended period of time also exposes your body to the damaging rays of the sun, so it's important to wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid a sunburn. Sunburns aren't just irritating, they can also threaten your health – so it's crucial that you apply sunscreen every day, especially to areas of your body that are exposed on a run, like the back of your neck.

Finally, good runners know that the key to avoiding health problems is drinking plenty of water before and after a run – so always keep that bottle full.

Fighting the effects of acne when wearing suntan lotion

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Fighting the effects of acne when wearing suntan lotion.Making sure that your skin is protected for a day on the beach is a constant struggle between maintaining the look of your cosmetics and providing ample protection from the sun's rays. Unfortunately, most suntan lotions aren't conducive to proper skincare, so fashionistas will need a different method to sport their favorite beach ensembles.

Instead of going au naturale when you're on the beach, you can still pull off your favorite look and stay protected with Dermablend Cover Creme. This full coverage foundation will provide up to 12 hours of consistent color wear on the sand and has skin exfoliating properties that will keep your face healthy in the summer sun. It is also water- and smudge-resistant to handle all your favorite beach activities.

This product also offers SPF 30 protection, so you can work on your tan and have the confidence that your makeup stays fabulous all day long. As an added bonus, you won't have to worry about suntan lotion clogging your pores and having an acne breakout to contend with. This product will provide superior coverage to hide these imperfections and stop them from popping up in the future.  

Treating a sunburn

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Aloe vera can ease the pain of a sunburn.A day at the beach is all about fun in the sun, but once you get home, you might discover that the sunburned aftermath of your afternoon is anything but pleasant. Ouch! What can you do to stop sunburn in its tracks – or help heal that painful burn fast?

First, it's all about prevention. Before you hit the beach, it's crucial to slather yourself in sunscreen from head to foot – literally. Don't forget the tips of your ears and the tops of your toes, which can turn bright red in no time if you're fair-skinned. Pick an SPF about 25 for the best protection, and don't forget to reapply if you hit the waves.

If you're especially fair, don't be shamed to add a hat or a top to your beach ensemble. A cute coverup will look great over your bikini – and prevent burns! A floppy sun hat is always fashionable, so pair one with giant sunglasses to look like an incognito celeb.

If you're already burned, it's time for a little damage control. Ease your pain with lots of aloe vera lotion. This naturally soothing ingredient will calm your burns and help return your skin to a more normal color. For added refreshment, keep it in the fridge – you'll be shocked at how relieved you are when it touches your singed skin.

Why you should give sunless tanners a shot

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Tan without the damage.Summertime seems like a great excuse to be a sun goddess, but spending long hours soaking up the rays is damaging to your skin – and we're not just talking about your vanity. Yes, excessive sunbathing can lead to wrinkles and sun spots, but it can also lead to more serious conditions – like skin cancer. If you want to get a bronzed glow but don't want to ruin your skin, consider sunless tanning!

The days of orange, streaky tans are gone. These days, sunless tanners are sophisticated, easy to apply and will leave you with a natural golden glow with none of the negative side effects. Choose from towelettes, lotions and sprays – each will give you a beautiful tan that won't stain your clothes or wash off in the shower. Sunless tanning products contain a chemical that reacts with the outer layer of your skin, causing it to darken temporarily. Gradually, as the outer layer of your skin sloughs off, you'll lose the sunless tan – just like you'd lose a real one.

Before you apply a sunless tanning product, you should exfoliate your skin to make sure you have an even surface to work with. After you apply, be sure to wash your hands or you could end up with dark brown palms.

If you still want to hit the beach with your friends, choose a sunless tanning product that also contains sunscreen. Apply it before you hit the beach, and your friends will be amazed how quickly your tan develops! They'll never know it's not real.

Is your sunscreen super-charged?

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Is your sunscreen super-charged?Sunscreen is essential – we all know that. But did you ever stop at assuming that your suntan lotion could only serve one all-important purpose? In 2011, it's entirely possible to reimagine the scope of what your sunscreen can do. suggests reaching for a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen (this implies that it protects against UVA as well as UVB rays – uber-important) – all the better if it comes with such healthful antioxidants such as green tea, coffeeberry and vitamins A and C.

"You know how at Jamba Juice they ask you if you want an extra boost? Well, antioxidants are like the extra boost of protection," Dr. Ranella Hirsch told the news source.

On a similar note, many skincare products are now offering all-in-one protection, moisturization and anti-aging properties. Finding a product that can do it all will not only save you time in the morning, but it'll reduce the amount of stuff you put on your face.