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Going Gluten Free

Saturday, February 14th, 2015

Going Gluten Free
The benefits of going gluten free are vast. The foods you eat and the beauty products you use can be seen immediately in your skin health. Read on to see what possibilities await you.

Lets start with the basics; your diet. The foods you put in your body will definitely show on your skin. Unhealthy foods will result in an unhealthy skin appearance which comes as no surprise, right? And we know that healthy foods generally produce a nicer complexion to the skin. There is a way to take it one step further and see even better results. Or maybe you haven’t seen results at all with this technique. The answer very well may be to go gluten free. Gluten is the substance that holds food together, somewhat like a glue, and a surprising amount of individuals are either allergic to this ingredient, or sensitive to it. Unfortunately, gluten is in almost everything, and it will take a bit of effort to avoid it. It’s in almost all breads and also in so many other things from candy to sauces. Really get into the practice of reading your food labels. One of the serious issues gluten can cause is a problem with digestion. When your body can’t effectively digest the foods you’re putting in it, the excess may appear on your skin in the form of breakouts, eczema, psoriasis, or plain irritation. When you remove this substance, your body will not have to work so hard to break down the foods, and your entire digestive systems will get a break. Beautiful skin starts there on the inside.

Once you’ve gotten your diet under control and gluten free, move on to your topical skincare and beauty products. Finding products that exclude this ingredient will assist in further keeping your skin clear, smooth, and beautiful. Start with the EOS Lipbalm since that is one of the products we apply the most during the cold winter months. Even trace amounts of gluten in topical products can be absorbed into the skin and cause problems with someone sensitive to it. Think about lotions, hair products, cosmetics, even nail polish.

Keep in mind that gluten hides in so many unlikely places, and you’ll need to be quite the detective to find it. Start slowly if you have to, but gradually make the switch to being completely gluten free and your body will rush to thank you. Health will abound on the inside and out!

Hair how to: Brunette with red highlights

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

Hair how to: Brunette with red highlights

Blondes aren’t the only ones who can have a little fun. If you have darker strands and have been bored with your hair color, the problem may be that your color is one dimensional. Highlights aren’t just for those with golden locks, and can give brunettes the added intrigue they’ve been looking for. One of the hottest trends going into 2014 is red highlights, and they look especially striking in hair that is colored a deep, rich hue. When the light hits your locks, it will seem aglow – even on fire.

Eager to get this effect? Here are a few ideas to consider before you hit the salon chair:

For light brunettes
Whether you have a light chestnut or amber brown, you can still rock red highlights. The key is to choose the right shade that won’t clash with your current color, and only enhance it. Look to Jessica Alba, who has sported a warm brunette for years. In an interview with InStyle magazine, Jennifer Aniston’s colorist Michael Canale explained that her highlights provide subtle hints of a wine hue, which bring light and radiance to her natural color without overwhelming it. He noted that you’ll see the truest and brightest color on virgin hair. However, even if you’ve already color treated your hair, you can still achieve this look. It’s best to see a professional as highlighting over already-colored hair will rarely result in the color you saw on the box.

For medium brunettes
If your hair is a slightly deeper shade of chocolate or coffee bean brown, you can go for something more striking. You might consider getting just a few thicker “peekaboo highlights” for a playful but still bold look. Essentially, this requires highlighting the under layer of your hair around your face so that when you pull pieces back, the red pieces peek out from beneath. The best thing about this effect is that you can opt for a brighter, richer shade of red because you’re only coloring small sections of your hair. Plus, it gives you the option of flaunting the fiery highlights or hiding them depending on your mood or the occasion.

For dark brunettes
Lucky you – with such dark, nearly black tresses, you have the freedom to go for a dramatic look with your red highlights. Marie Robinson, whose clients include brunette beauties like Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, told Allure magazine that vibrant red ombré highlights are an edgy option that even Salma Hayek has experimented with. She suggested asking your colorist to lift the color on your mid length and ends several shades lighter than your natural color first, and also adding in a few warm brown highlights along with the red ones.

Pointers for maintaining a pretty pixie cut

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Pointers for maintaining a pretty pixie cut

This year, the pixie cut had a major moment. Everyone from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence chopped off their locks in favor of this super cute 'do, demonstrating that it's actually ultra flattering for a variety of face shapes and features. Still, maintaining a pixie cut isn't necessarily easy. Having less hair to deal with can take some of the work out of styling, but you still need to put some effort in to make sure your tresses look polished. 

If you already went for a super short cut or are thinking about rocking a pixie, use these tips and tricks:

Consider your hair texture
There's no one size fits all pixie cut that works for everyone. You should definitely think about your hair type, and let that dictate the length and style. Manhattan-based hairstylist Julien Farel told Teen Vogue magazine that a super short cut can give fine hair some much-needed body. On the other hand, she pointed out that it's best to keep curly hair slightly longer to prevent frizz. Thick hair types have the freedom and flexibility to experiment with different lengths. However, layers are key to making sure the hair still has some natural movement.

Get a glossy sheen
Don't overdo it on the products with a pixie cut – in fact, less is more since you don't have a ton of hair. Instead, you want to focus on infusing shine into your locks so they look as healthy as possible, thus accentuating the shape of the cut. After showering, spritz some of Fekkai's Advanced Brilliant Glossing Sheer Shine Mist into your hair, which will give it a lustrous finish that lasts all day long without weighing it down.

Learn to love dry shampoo
Shampooing your hair every day is going to lead to a parched pixie, so it's best to give your hair a break by waiting a day or two. That's why dry shampoo should become your go-to solution when you're sporting a short 'do. Refinery 29 production assistant Chloe Daley admitted that she swears by this product for extra volume, even when her hair is clean. The key, she said, is to turn your head upside down when you apply it and massage it into your scalp. When her hair is looking particularly greasy, she simply sprays in some dry shampoo and changes her part. Reach for the​ Balm En Root Dry Shampoo to soak up excess oil, lift your strands at the roots and extend the life of your style between shampoos.

Introducing our first YouTuber of the month! Jackie from JaaackJack!

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

There are so many great YouTube beauty channels and beauty blogs out there and we thought it’d be great to start sharing some of our favorites!

For our very first YouTuber of the month we knew exactly who we wanted to feature and that is Jackie from

Jackie has over 150k subscribers and over 12 million total video views!

Congratulations Jackie on being our December YouTuber of The Month!

Jackie has such a kind heart and she shares amazing beauty tips, tutorials, and hauls.

What do you love most about having a YouTube channel?

I always call my channel my little child I care for, and it’s so cool to see something you love just grow and evolve over time, but what I absolutely love most about having a youtube channel is being able to inspire others and put smiles on peoples. It’s crazy because I’ve never met these people, yet I am able to brighten their day no matter how far away they are.

What are the most challenging things about being a Youtuber?

With anything in life, no matter how great, there are always going to be many struggles and obstacles. I mean, I could go on and on about things that I have found difficult like learning to film, edit and upload all the way to dealing with cyber bullying that comes with putting yourself on the internet. But my greatest advice is to continue to pursue what you love and never let anyone bring you down, because then with that you will never fail.

What is your favorite beauty product at the moment?

Since it’s Fall I’m going to have to say that my favorite beauty product at the moment would be MAC lipstick in Hang Up which is a beautiful black cherry color. I love darker vampy lips during Fall and that is one of my reoccurring favorite every Fall time.

What beauty products can you not live without?

There’s a fews and the first is pretty boring but I can’t live without a good moisturizer because I have dry skin so that’s really important to me and I love Origins Starting Over. The other beauty products I can’t live without would be Anastasia’s Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil because I always fill in my eyebrows it frames your face and completes any look, and a good foundation to cover all my freckles and sun spots. My current favorite foundation is Make Up Forever HD Foundation.

Who is someone who inspires your beauty sense?

Without a doubt my mom inspires my beauty sense because if you look at my tutorials they’re all very natural and wearable, almost as if I’m not wearing any makeup. My mom is a natural beauty who never wears makeup and I’ve always grown up learning to love my own skin so when I stated getting into makeup I only used it to enhance my features, never to hide or bury my face in makeup.

Name 5 products that are in your purse right now.

I have my wallet, big sunglasses, a cute little notebook because I love writing and the front of the notebook says “You can never have enough shoes” which I totally agree with! I also have my current book I’m reading, Uprising by Erwin McManus and I always keep Summer Eve’s Cleansing Cloths in my bag too. You never know when you need to freshen up!

Which celebrities do you look to for style inspiration?

I absolutely adore Ginnifer Goodwin, she was the one that inspired me to chop my hair into a pixie back in January. I also love Lauren Conrad for her simplistic SoCal girl style and Victoria Beckham for her classy and elegant LBD style. All three woman are complete opposites but I think when you combine all their styles together into one you get sorta my style.

Has your daily beauty routine changed in the last year?

As far as beauty products it’s always changing because I love trying new products but overall I keep the same beauty routine as far as washing my face morning and night using a 4 step method with a cleanser, serum, eye cream and facial moisturizer. For beauty routine that changes every season. During Spring and Summer I’m more into fresh natural makeup maybe with a pop of color and during fall and winter I like to go a little heavier on my makeup with darker eyes and lips.

Thanks so much Jackie for taking the time to answer our questions, you are doing amazing with your channel! Keep up the great work! =)

Don’t forget to check out Jackie’s channel and subscribe!

Beauty Bridge contest: Which celeb look are you falling for?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Beauty Bridge contest: Which celeb look are you falling for?

The truth is, anyone can rock dark lipstick – it’s just about finding the right hue and artfully complementing it with other makeup.

Celebrities have been embracing this edgy fall trend, opting for more dramatic shades for a pout with some pow. Lana del Ray achieved a glam effect with burgundy lips, an alluring brown smoky eye and sculpted, bronze cheekbones. Meanwhile, Camilla Belle channeled old Hollywood with a matte complexion, bold brows and blackberry lips. Megan Fox accented her crimson pout with a smoldering smudged black cat eye.

So which look are you falling for? We know you’re all practically beauty experts, and we want to hear your vote for the celebrity with the best take on dark lips – so much so that we’ve launched a contest.

Simply head to Facebook and “like” the Beauty Bridge company page. Then, you’ll be directed to a questionnaire, where you’ll enter your vote for the star who stole the show. After offering your top pick, you’re automatically entered to win a basket brimming with our favorite fall beauty products.

The final step? Head to Beauty Bridge to pick out a dark lip shade to make the look your own.

Get gorgeous with the Pretty Sweet Bling giveaway

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Get gorgeous with the Pretty Sweet Bling giveaway

Cosmetics, chocolate and bling – these are a few of your favorite things. Luckily, the Pretty Sweet Bling end of summer contest gives you the chance to win all three just by liking Beauty Bridge, Chocomize and Palm Beach Jewelry on Facebook.

After doing so, you’ll be directed to a page where you can enter your name and email address to claim a prize. Next, check your inbox for an email that offers 20 percent off your purchase from Palm Beach Jewelry. Looking for an on-trend cuff bracelet or statement collar necklace? You’ll have plenty of options there, and if you spend more than $50, shipping is free.

The deal gets even sweeter: You’ll also get a coupon for 10 percent off your next custom-made chocolate bar from Chocomize. Create your own confections with unique ingredients like butter toasted peanuts, diced ginger, lavender and sea salt, and if you spend $40, you won’t even pay for shipping. Best of all, your email will also include a code for $10 off your next order of $39 or higher from Beauty Bridge, along with free shipping on purchases above $49.

TGIF has a whole new meaning with the Pretty Sweet Bling giveaway. Every Friday through Sept. 9 you’ll have the chance to win some goodies, from a $100 gift card toward baubles from Palm Beach Jewelry to a GloSheer Delight Summer Set from Beauty Bridge for extending your radiant summer complexion.

Whether you win the giveaway or not, you can still walk away with some pretty sweet products.

Does nude makeup have to be boring?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

Does nude makeup have to be boring?

How many times have you looked at a celebrity with little makeup on and wished you could pull off the same appearance? Just because you aren't famous doesn't mean you can't sport this look – there's no better time to wear a limited amount of makeup than summer. Doing so will help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, even when it's 100 degrees outside.

That being said, you might need a few pointers right out of the gate if you've never tried to go bare before. InStyle magazine recommended starting by finding a nude lipstick you love, then rocking it whenever you get the chance – even after the sun goes down. Don't feel obligated to go bold if you don't want to – a neutral shade can bring out the best in your pout just as well as any red!

Women's Health magazine stated that going light around your eyes can also be a great way to cut back on the makeup without looking too boring. Simply opt for a lighter eyeliner color or just a bit of shimmery eyeshadow on your lids – that's it – to maintain a glamorous appearance.

9 easy anti-aging makeup tricks

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Do you know how to use makeup to make yourself look younger?

You already know that makeup can bring out your best features and make you look truly glamorous, but did you know that it can also affect how old you look? The way you apply makeup and the products you choose can influence how smooth, bright and rosy your skin is – but you have to make sure you’re doing it the right way! Here are nine anti-aging makeup tips that can help you look like you did 10 years ago!

1. Use a lightweight liquid foundation
As Prevention magazine notes, the wrong foundation can make your skin look older by highlighting wrinkles and creating a mask-like appearance. Powder, for example, can settle into fine lines and look chalky, as it has nowhere to go but on the surface of your face. Heavy foundation formulas may be good at hiding blemishes, but they won’t make your skin look naturally radiant. Instead, opt for a lightweight liquid foundation that will moisturize and sink in quickly, leaving no evidence!

2. Skip eyeliner on your lower lash lines
You might be used to using eyeliner on your upper and lower lash lines, but if you’ve been noticing dark circles and wrinkles around your eyes lately, eyeliner on the lower lids won’t do you any favors, according to Allure magazine. Applying eyeliner on just the top lash lines can make your peepers look bigger and won’t highlight dark circles.

3. Make moisturizer your BFF
If you’re not already applying face moisturizer every morning and night, it’s time to break that habit. Makeup maven Sonia Kashuk told O, The Oprah Magazine that moisturizer not only makes your skin look fresher and plumper, but it helps your makeup go on smoother, which leads to a flawless finish. Apply a day cream before your makeup every morning and a night cream before you hit the hay.

4. Opt for cream blush
Just like powder foundation can settle into fine lines, powder blush can look obvious and highlight flaws. Instead, Redbook magazine recommends using cream blush. Not only is it easy to blend, but it makes your cheekbones look dewy and fresh.

5. Choose warm metallic eyeshadows
Shimmery eyeshadows with fine glitter particles can camouflage the creases in your eyelids, so they’re perfect for a slight tightening effect. But Allure magazine points out that cool metallics like slate or silver can make dark circles look more obvious, so choose warm tones like gold, bronze, peach or rose.

6. Blend, blend, blend
Blending your makeup is essential, especially when it comes to eyeliner, according to Kashuk. Perfectly drawn lines can look a little too dramatic for everyday wear, so try using a pencil along your lash lines and be sure to smudge it with your finger or a sponge-tip applicator. This will create a softer, more flattering effect that won’t look jarring.

7. Soften your lip lines
Redbook claims that crisply drawn lines made with lip liner can make the fine lines around your mouth look more prominent. Instead of tracing the outline of your pout to a tee, just apply liner well enough so that your lipstick will stay in place. Then, use your finger to lightly brush over the outline and soften up the edge.

8. Line your inner rims with beige
To make your eyes seem larger and brighter, beige eyeliner pencil on your inner rims is just the thing, notes Redbook. Use it to line your lower rims, which will make the whites of your eyes
look bigger and give you a wide-awake appearance.

9. Lighten your lip colors
Dark lips can be aging, so stick to lighter shades of peach, pink and nude for a more youth
ful look. Skip the high-gloss or matte finishes and opt for a shine level that’s somewhere in the middle. Lipsticks with satin finishes can help you achieve this.

How to make a bold statement at your next party

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

How to make a bold statement at your next party

You’ve been invited to one of the hottest parties of the year and you don’t know what makeup to wear – now what? This question fazes many women when an upcoming event is looming and they feel like they don’t have the right cosmetics and clothes to pull off a flawless look. However, you don’t have to stress over this dilemma if you know where to begin. Taking the situation one step at a time can help you relieve your anxiety and achieve a gorgeous appearance once the big day comes.

For starters, Cosmopolitan magazine recommends using a rosy lipstick to help you achieve a bright look that says, “Come talk to me!” Even if you don’t want to be the life of the party, a warm color on your pout can help show that you’re approachable.

Another way to make a statement at your upcoming event is to go metallic around your eyes. Metallic eyeshadow in a color such as gold or silver can open up your peepers and help you say hello without even opening your mouth!

Finally, play it cool and be yourself! In the end, this can help you enter the situation with confidence and make new friends along the way.

Walk down the aisle confidently with these 3 tips

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

If your big day is just a few months away, you have more to worry about than the lipstick, eyeliner and blush you'll be wearing when you say "I do." In between booking your florist and a venue for the reception, your makeup plan can fall by the wayside. However, there are a few tips you can keep in mind to make sure you look gorgeous as you walk down the aisle.

1. Go bold if you're saying "I do" outdoors. reports that having your wedding during the day under the sun gives you the perfect opportunity to wear fun, flirty eyeshadow, lipstick and blush. Take advantage of the natural light and be a little more colorful.

2. Stay mysterious after dark.
There's no better time to rock a smoky eye look than after the sun goes down. Whether your wedding is set for the evening or you want to change your appearance for the reception, consider dark, dramatic eyeshadow and eyeliner once the moon begins to shine.

3. Show your natural beauty.
No bride wants to look overdone on her wedding day when all eyes are on her! Play it safe and choose neutral hues if you want to show off your natural beauty and showcase why the groom chose you.