Do you know how to stop dandruff in its tracks?

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Do you know how to stop dandruff in its tracks?

Even if you're using a premium shampoo and conditioner, the winter weather may wreak havoc on your scalp. Dry air can cause dandruff, which no one wants to see flakes on her shoulders when she turns her head. That being said, there are a few ways that you can keep skin flakes from developing and bringing down your appearance as a whole.

First, Discovery Health recommends using a humidifier during the winter months. This can keep the air in your home moist, which may assist in your battle against flakes. You'll also feel less itch on your skin, which may be prone to drying out in the winter.

Next, Daily Glow encourages the use of a scalp oil or serum to help you keep your head moist and dandruff-free. Once you eliminate the flakes, think about treating your lovely locks with a hair serum as well to add shine and smoothness.

Finally, don't vigorously scrub your scalp in the shower multiple times a day – intense bathing won't eliminate the problem. In fact, hot water may even dry out the skin further and result in more dandruff! Taking these tips into account can help you live flake-free.


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