3 must-try hairstyles for spring 2013

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3 must-try hairstyles for spring 2013

With spring in full swing, there’s no better time to switch up the shampoo, conditioner and styling products you’re using to give yourself a new ‘do. Whether you intend to enjoy the warm weather at the beach or you’re camping in the wilderness, here are some hot hairstyles worth trying as the seasons continue to change.

1. Beachy hair
Even if you don’t live near the ocean, you can still rock this trend at the office or out to dinner with friends, according to Grazia magazine. Allow your locks to air dry, then run your fingers through them with a bit of mousse in your hands to create a chic, messy look.

2. Knots
No, not the kind you struggle to untangle – Harper’s Bazaar magazine claims that tying your long hair into a loose, casual knot to keep it in place is just perfect for spring. Best of all, no ponytail elastic needed!

3. Braids
If it seems better left for schoolgirls, think again – braids are hot this spring. Just one or two braids can help you create a beautiful look that makes you seem like you came right out of a fairy tale!


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