3 ways to get the popular bed head look

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3 ways to get the popular bed head look

Everyone's doing it in Hollywood – more women are flaunting the bed head look with ease, and now you can be one of them, too! If you're used to having your 'do prim and proper, now is the time to let your hair down and inject some fun into your routine. Here are three easy steps toward achieving the bed head look.

1. Skip the wash
Avoid shampoo and conditioner for a day if you want to truly get that "I just rolled out of bed" look. Seventeen magazine claims that your hair's natural oils will do all of the beautifying for you!

2. Give it some waves
Use a round brush and apply a little heat to your hair to create a few curls. This can give your tresses some bounce and provide a messier, unstructured look that's to die for.

3. Use mousse
Hairspray can be too stiffening in this instance as you try to create a light, airy appearance. Instead, add a little mousse to your hands, then run them through your hair. This will establish the bed head look and help you keep it in place throughout the day.


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