3 ways to stop frizzy beach hair in its tracks

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3 ways to stop frizzy beach hair in its tracks

With the arrival of summer comes longer days and more opportunities to hit the beach. However, the sun and salty air can wreak havoc on your tresses, especially if you already have frizzy hair. After putting all of that styling product into your locks, you might be disappointed to see your ‘do end up in shambles. Here are some tips for combating frizzy hair while you’re at the beach and catching some rays.

1. Keep your hair hydrated
Allure magazine recommends using a hydrating serum or leave-in conditioner to keep your hair tame and prevent frizz from taking over.

2. Don’t wash your hair daily
Family Circle magazine claims that you can do your hair some good by not washing it every day. This allows its natural oils to get to work, which can prevent frizz from erupting out of nowhere.

3. Know your tools
Certain tools are better than others for your hair, depending on its thickness and condition. Examine your brushes and combs prior to using them – some may be better suited for keeping frizz away and taming your ‘do than others. Your stylist can help you decipher the differences.


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