Secret tips for keeping your hair soft and hydrated

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Secret tips for keeping your hair soft and hydratedIf it seems like you've tried every shampoo and conditioner in the book and you still don't have silky smooth hair, you might need to revamp your routine. While giving your hair extra attention can potentially bring out its beauty, it helps to know which products work best for your locks. Here are some tips for ensuring that your hair is always soft, hydrated and full of shine.

Use the right conditioner
Depending on your type of hair, you may need to switch your conditioner to cater to its needs, whether it's brittle, dry or both! Consider Dermalogica Silk Finish conditioner to give your hair the vitamin A and wheat protein it needs to look its best.

Deep condition at least once a week states that deep conditioning is necessary for all hair types if you want smooth, soft locks. Invest in a treatment mask that you can utilize once a week to give your hair the moisture it craves.

Avoid constant heat exposure reports that constant exposure to blow dryer and flat iron heat can do immense damage to your hair – avoid them at all costs. If you absolutely need to use these tools, treat your tresses with a thermal protector beforehand.


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