Secret ways to repair your damaged hair

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Secret ways to repair your damaged hair

One of the most common problems that women face after blowdrying, flat-ironing and dyeing their hair over time is damage. Needless to say, all of this work can negatively impact the look and feel of your tresses, but is there any real way to reverse the damage that's been done?

Depending on the state of your hair, there are a couple of different tactics you can use to revitalize your locks. First, Daily Glow recommends using a hydrating conditioner that includes protein. If your hair lacks protein, it may be more prone to breakage, which does nothing good for your appearance!

Next, Total Beauty encourages women to use deep conditioners if they're coping with dryness. Doing so can restore the moisture to locks that have lost their silkiness over time from blowdrying and flat iron usage.

Finally, protection should be used whenever heat is applied to hair for styling. Once you rejuvenate your 'do, it's important to apply a thermal spray before using a blowdryer to keep it from becoming damaged again in the future. These tips can all help you ensure that your appearance never falls flat!


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