Your bangs don't have to flop in your face!Whether you just got a haircut that includes bangs and haven't got a clue about how to style them, or if you're trying to grow yours out, there are plenty of ways to style them so they're out of your face.

First, consider a headband. There's nothing more efficient than locking your bangs in place with a band of sturdy plastic. With so many cute styles and colors out there, there's no end to the chic possibilities. Just be sure to smooth your hair with Hamadi – Shea Spray first.

For something more on-trend, Glamour magazine's beauty blog recommends copying the look that many celebrities have been sporting on the red carpet. It's a side-swept wavy effect that you can copy by curling your bangs then teasing the roots. Once you have volume, sweep them to the side and secure with a bobby pin, then use Leonor Greyl – Structure Naturelle (Strong-hold hair spray) to really keep them in place.

A variety of other hair clips can also be used to secure your tresses, and this holiday season, the more sparkles, the better!

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