3 ways to weather a rainy spring

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3 ways to weather a rainy spring

There’s nothing worse than being caught in a downpour, but with spring showers comes the chance for makeup mishaps. Whether you’re not the best at planning ahead for rain or you simply aren’t sure how to do so, here are some tips for weathering the seasonal storms.

1. Take care of your hair
If you spent an ample amount of time styling your hair, you don’t want it to come apart once a few drizzles start to fall. The Huffington Post recommends having a shower cap on hand at all times. As strange as it sounds, quickly being able to cover up your ‘do in the event of rain can spare you stress.

2. Stay waterproof
Makeup has come a long way since the days when it was impossible to keep lipstick from running while munching on food. That being said, take advantage of waterproof eyeliner and other weather-resistant cosmetics to help you maintain your appearance daily.

3. Keep an umbrella on hand
If you do a poor job of checking the forecast before you head out the door, prepare ahead of time for potential storms by tucking an umbrella away in your purse.


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