5 products that should be on your spring beauty checklist

April 5th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Here are the five products you need to add to your makeup bag this spring!

While spring cleaning your house probably isn’t all that fun, cleaning out your makeup bag in preparation for the new season is a whole lot more exciting! It’s time to ditch those cakey mascaras and almost-gone eyeshadows in favor of the new products that everyone’s clamoring for this spring. Here are five items that should definitely make it onto your beauty checklist.

1. Colorful eye makeup
Whether it’s electric blue eyeliner or pastel green eyeshadow, colorful eyes are a must-have accessory for the upcoming season. Feel free to experiment when you’re applying it!

2. Nude lipstick or lip gloss
Since you won’t want to overshadow your fabulously bright peepers, nude lips are the perfect accompaniment. Delicate shades of peach, pink or nude are all acceptable.

3. Volumizing mascara
Harper’s Bazaar magazine notes that lush lashes are huge this spring, so amp yours up with a super-volumizing formula that will coat each and every eyelash.

4. Candy-colored nail polish
What’s more appropriate for the season of Easter candy and flowers than a candy-colored manicure? Choose pretty pastels with a milky, opaque finish to be most on-trend.

5. Tinted moisturizer
For a fresh, dewy face, skip the heavy powder or liquid foundation in favor of a light, breezy tinted moisturizer. You’ll get plenty of coverage without the obvious “I’m wearing makeup” effect.


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