An easy way to get glitter ombre nails

February 17th, 2012 | Contributed by:

Colorful glitter ombe manicures are easier to do than you think!The ombre trend is still in full swing, but many woman have found it difficult to pull off on their nails without the help of a professional manicurist. Blending those colors can be tricky, but luckily Glamour magazine's beauty blog has a great idea for easily creating your own glitter ombre manicure.

First, you will need to buy three different colors of glitter, all in the same color family. One should be dark, one medium and one light. You can stock up at your local craft store.

Next, you'll need a base coat like Nailtini – Mixer Nail Base Color. Apply one coat, then let it dry. Choose a color of nail polish that will go well with the glitter you bought, then paint a stripe across the base of your nails, near your cuticles. Shake on the darkest glitter, then let it dry. Repeat the same process with the medium and light shades of glitter, painting a stripe of polish across each nail and letting it dry before you change glitter shades.

To finish up, apply a top coat like Lippmann Collection – On A Clear Day Top Coat. Pretty, right?


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