Are food and makeup meant to be together?

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Are food and makeup meant to be together?

If you love food, have you ever thought about how it could apply to your cosmetics? These days, manufacturers aren’t just worrying about how their makeup will look on consumers’ faces – they want to make sure they’re delicious, too!

Cosmetics Design recently reported that while makeup brands aren’t necessarily creating items to be consumed, they’re including ingredients that could be ingested without causing any problems. The reason for this is because some of the same components found in food are incredibly useful in cosmetics. As more people look for natural-based eyeshadow, lip liner and mascara, food-based makeup might become popular in the near future.

Cocoa, for instance, is incredibly helpful to makeup creators because of its antioxidants. Coffee beans and chocolate extracts are also becoming mainstream in the industry. This is leading many people to believe that the food and makeup realms might come closer together in the coming years.

In any case, it’s always worth taking another look at your cosmetics to ensure that they’re safe for your face, regardless of whether they contain food. Items that don’t have expiration dates, smell strange or look dirty should be discarded, according to Parents Connect.


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