Babydoll lashes can give your peepers a fun, flirty look

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Babydoll lashes can give your peepers a fun, flirty look

Babydoll eyelashes have been seen on everyone from models to Hollywood celebrities, and they continue to grow in popularity as spring rolls on. If you’re interested in achieving this beautiful look, you don’t have to be naturally blessed with long lashes! All you need is the proper eye makeup to enhance your appearance and give your peepers a boost.

First, make sure you have a long-lasting, volumizing mascara on hand to give your lashes some much-needed TLC. If you’re afraid of black being too dramatic for the occasion, opt for brown instead for a more casual appearance.

Next, put your lash curler to work. Spend at least 30 seconds crimping the lashes of each eye to give them flawless curves that draw attention to your face. Then, apply a lash primer to prep them for additional makeup and help them hold their curls.

Finally, take your time while applying your mascara. Daily Makeover recommends waiting a few seconds in between adding coats to prevent a goopy look. In the end, you’ll have long, voluptuous lashes. Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or you’re simply going to work, there’s never a bad time to flaunt babydoll lashes.


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