Bobbi Brown offers tips for looking chic this season

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Bobbi Brown offers tips for looking chic this season

Makeup artist Bobbi Brown knows a thing or two about makeup, and she’s certainly up to speed on how to look glam for the upcoming season. Recently, she spoke to Elle magazine to give her tips on how to look chic and summery in the coming months.

One item that Brown uses on most of her clients is bronzer, specifically on areas such as the cheeks, forehead and chin, where light generally hits the face. Not only can this give a complexion more color, but it can create a warm, natural look.

Another item that Brown can’t go without is lip liner when working on faces. She claims that using lip liner is critical to adding some much-needed volume to otherwise bland pouts. On a similar note, the makeup artist loves using brow kits to bring definition to the face.

Not sure if you can pull off all of Brown’s tricks? Cosmopolitan magazine recommends focusing on one item, such as brown eyeliner, to revolutionize your makeup routine. Over time, you can incorporate more cosmetics to give yourself a red carpet-worthy look.


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