Could you bear to step outside without makeup?

April 11th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Could you bear to step outside without makeup?

These days, more actresses are making headlines for stepping out without makeup, and can you blame them? It takes an ample amount of work to look made-up 24/7, and often, celebs need the help of professional artists to give them the glam they desire.

However, it’s worth noting that not all celebrities are being slammed for their choice to walk around without a little lipstick or blush. In fact, some people are being praised for their natural beauty! For instance, Selma Blair recently ran around Hollywood without anything on her face, according to The Huffington Post. Now, more women are opting to go with little or no makeup, but is this move right for you?

There are a few ways you can lighten up on the cosmetics and create a natural look without completely ditching your go-to cosmetics. Real Simple magazine recommends using a corrective concealer to eliminate any outstanding flaws, then absorbing any unwanted shine with an oil-absorbing powder.

If you aren’t comfortable without wearing a little something around your peepers and pout, go nude. Choose neutral shades for your lips and eyes when selecting makeup, and you’ll be happier with your decision.


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