Do you know how to apply bronzer like a pro?

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Do you know how to apply bronzer like a pro?

Just because you haven’t had the opportunity to catch some rays doesn’t mean you can’t have a little color on your skin! Allure magazine claims that models on runways around the world have been flaunting bronze looks this spring, and there’s no reason why you can’t do so as well.

If you’re interested in adding some color, think about incorporating a drop or two of liquid or cream bronzer into your foundation before application. The Gloss, a makeup and beauty advice site, claims that this can be an easy way to get the look you desire.

Lucky enough to have a natural tan? This means you don’t have to go to too much trouble to enhance the color already in your skin! In this instance, consider applying a shimmery powder to simply accentuate your existing tan instead of using bronzer.

Finally, don’t be afraid to bring some bright-colored makeup into the mix after you apply bronzer. Allure magazine states that peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks can make your appearance seem more natural and give you an “I just went to the beach” look.


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