Do you know how to avoid lipstick teeth?

March 1st, 2013 | Contributed by:

Do you know how to avoid lipstick teeth?

It's a problem that no woman wants to have – lipstick all over her teeth. However, it happens to the best of us when we decide to wear bright, bold shades on our pouts. Even some celebrities have been caught with lipstick on their pearly whites without even realizing it! That being said, there's no reason why you have to join that dreaded club. There are a few tips you can use to ensure that you never have to worry about fire engine red or deep magenta making its way onto your teeth.

First, finish applying all of your lipstick and lip liner to perfection. Then, Bella Sugar recommends putting the lipstick tube in your mouth, then pulling it out slowly to remove any excess. It might not be appetizing, but it works! If you don't want to stick the tube in your pie hole, The Gloss suggests using your finger instead.

Another trick you can use is to blot your lips with a paper towel to remove any lipstick that may get on your teeth. If you're really concerned, lather your front teeth with petroleum jelly to keep it at bay!


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