Do you know how to rock fruity colors?

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Do you know how to rock fruity colors?

One makeup trend that’s rising off the charts is the use of sorbet colors, and why not? Spring is the perfect time to be fun and flirty with the hues you choose for your cosmetics and clothing. However, sorbet colors might not exactly be your speed, especially if you’re used to wearing dark grays and browns on your face.

You don’t have to completely ditch the idea of sporting these colors if you know which ones work best on your face. For instance, mint green and creamy lilac are sorbet colors that people are going crazy

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for right now, according to Fitness magazine. If you aren’t sure which shades are ideal for you, see if you can try on the eyeshadow, lipstick or blush before purchasing it. This will help you become more comfortable with the idea of flaunting fruity colors.

To give your look some stability, don’t hesitate to create some hard lines with products such as liquid eyeliner around your peepers. Harper’s Bazaar magazine claims that winged eyes, as well as voluptuous lashes, will still be trending well into summer. A combination of these tips and sorbet-inspired makeup can help you look chic in the coming months.


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