Do you know how to show off your gorgeous green eyes?

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Do you know how to show off your gorgeous green eyes?If you're lucky enough to be a green-eyed goddess, you likely already have people commenting on and admiring your eyes on a regular basis. However, the right mascara, eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner can enhance your peepers even further if you choose carefully. Here are some makeup tips for gals with green eyes.

Opt for bronze.
Seventeen magazine reports that bronze and gold are two colors that can do wonders for girls with green eyes – these hues can create an unbeatable contrast that'll make heads turn! Consider using GloMinerals gloEye Shadow Trio to try this look.

Try purple.
If you aren't into the idea of using a metallic bronze or gold on your eyes, recommends trying purple instead. This color is more down-to-earth and can also provide the contrast you're looking for.

Favor brown over black.
To avoid overpowering the color and beauty of your green eyes, skip the heavy black eyeliner. Instead, select a brown tone to make your peepers pop. Gray or gold can also create a unique look when you're headed for a night out on the town.


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