Do you know how to wear lip gloss like a pro?

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Do you know how to wear lip gloss like a pro?

You might love the idea of lip gloss, but if you don’t know how to apply it properly, it can be a challenge to wear. Unlike lipstick, gloss has a tendency to become caked and messy if it’s not applied correctly. However, you don’t have to completely skip out on this cosmetic just because you aren’t sure how to use it! There are a few tips you can take into account to make sure you’re wearing it flawlessly.

First, Daily Glow recommends applying a bit of concealer to your lips with a brush prior to using the gloss. This can help you keep the gloss intact for longer once it’s on your pout. If you’re against the idea of using a concealer, think about using lipstick as a base instead. This can give the gloss a foundation to adhere to and provide your lips with some color.

Next, make it a rule of thumb to apply a little gloss at a time until you get the look you desire. Using too much can create a caked-on, messy appearance. Finally, keep your lip gloss on hand for re-application throughout the day. It’s no secret that this cosmetic can easily come off with a quick bite of food or sip of coffee!


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