Do you know which lip colors are hot this spring?

May 10th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Do you know which lip colors are hot this spring?

Now that spring is in full swing, you’re likely doing your best to welcome the season with TRUE makeup that reflects the colors of nature. Whether you want spring-inspired eyeshadow for your peepers or lipstick for your pout, there are numerous trends to take advantage of this year.

If you have kissable lips, you might want to focus on them this season as you search for makeup. Lipstick can instantly boost the appeal of your pout, and there are several colors you can use to try to fall in line with spring’s hottest trends. Beauty World News reported that hot pink, orange and red are all popular colors right now, meaning there’s no better time to go bold than the present!

Best of all, makeup artist Pascale Poma claims that all of these hues can be worn regardless of your skin tone. While it still might give you peace of mind to try on your lipstick beforehand, don’t write off a color before you give it a shot! Real Simple magazine claims that you can create a flawless face by focusing on your lips and going light with makeup on other areas, such as your eyes.


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