A little shine is much healthier looking!If you're prepping to go to a holiday party anytime soon, you might want to add a hint of shine into your makeup routine for an overall prettier effect. According to Allure magazine, the mistake that many women make with their holiday looks is going overly matte using with powders and heavy foundations. A hint of shine is an indicator of health, so by eliminating it you're making yourself look a bit sickly.

Rather than swiping a highlighting product like GloMinerals – gloDust 24K all over your face, it's best to limit the effect to a couple of areas. Stick to places that tend to pick up light naturally, like right underneath your brow bone, on the bridge of your nose and on the tops of your cheekbones. Your look will be enhanced without being totally obvious.

When you're using a highlighting cream or powder on your face, skip other shimmery products, like blush and bronzer. Too much shine isn't flattering. A little pick-me-up like TRUE Cosmetics – Accents is all you need.

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