Easy tricks for enhancing an olive complexion

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Easy tricks to enhancing your olive complexion

If you’re lucky enough to have an olive complexion, you know how big of an advantage it can be to look like you have a tan all year long. However, it can be tricky buying foundation, concealer and blush for your skin tone. If you aren’t careful, you run the risk of darkening your face too much with your cosmetics. Here are some tips on how to get it right in front of the mirror every time.

Use a sheer liquid foundation
Canadian Living magazine recommends using a sheer foundation to avoid darkening your skin and give yourself a clean palette to work with. A sheer product can also help you create a natural glow.

Choose eyeshadow in cool colors
Hues such as purple, blue and green all work marvelously on olive skin. Look for eyeshadow in these colors to bring out the best in your peepers.

Go pink or peach on your cheeks
It can be a little challenging to get blush to appear on darker tones of skin unless you use an opaque, rich color. Opt for pink and peach tones to make a bold statement.


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