Emma Watson keeps it simple for L.A. movie premiere

June 4th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Emma Watson keeps it simple for an L.A. movie premiere

Emma Watson doesn’t have to wear makeup if she doesn’t want to – the actress is known for her natural beauty on and off the silver screen. However, Watson often draws positive feedback from onlookers for sporting just the right amount of cosmetics to highlight her flawless features.

This is just what she did when she showed up to the premiere of “This Is The End” in Los Angeles, Calif. Watson, who has little fine lines and wrinkles to worry about at her age, appeared to be wearing only a bit of concealer to hide blemishes. On her cheeks, she wore a rose blush that gave her an energetic, lively appearance. Watson played it simple with both her eye and lip makeup, which she’s renowned for doing in public. On her eyes, she wore a hint of dark mascara and opted for a light pink lipstick on her pout. It was an elegant look for an actress who’s nothing but chic.

If you always feel like you can never find just the right shade of pink for your lips, InStyle magazine recommends trying to match the color to your gums for a look that isn’t too bold or subtle.


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