Go red or pink on your peepers this spring for a fresh look

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Go red or pink on your peepers this spring for a fresh look

Now that you have your BABOR cosmetics in line for spring, you might be wondering what else you can add to your collection for the coming months. After all, the warm weather is worth celebrating, and you can show your excitement through your makeup and clothing!

One trend that appears to be growing in popularity is red and pink eyeshadow, according to Style Bistro. While it might seem unusual to wear a pop of color like this on your lids, the fact of the matter is that these hues can work wonders around your peepers, especially when you want to look energetic. Everyone from models to Hollywood celebrities have been seen wearing shades of pink and red, and you can easily take advantage of this trend as well.

The Huffington Post recommends beginning with a primer to ensure that the color stays in place. Then, use a soft brush to blend and create a natural appearance. If you’re afraid of the color being too vivid, go neutral with makeup on the rest of your face. This will allow your eyes to do all of the talking without creating an overwhelming look.


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