How to wear colorful mascara like a pro

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How to wear colorful mascara like a pro

One look you may want to try this spring to welcome the warm weather is colored mascara. Similar to eyeliner in shades of blue, green and pink, color-infused mascara can give your peepers a bold appearance while helping you make an impression on those around you.

If you've always worn jet black mascara, you're missing out! However, it's never too late to incorporate colorful alternatives into your makeup collection. One way that you can ensure that you look beautiful in whatever color you choose for your lashes is to be mindful of your natural eye color, according to Mag for Women. For example, purple mascara may look perfect with blue peepers, but might not create the contrast you desire if you have brown eyes.

Another tactic you can use to create a flawless look is to limit the amount of eyeliner you wear along your lash lines, according to Refinery29.

This can allow the colorful mascara to speak for itself and do all of the work around your gorgeous eyes.

Finally, think about complementing the colors of your ensemble with a bright mascara. Doing so can help you develop a more cohesive appearance.


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