If you want sparkle, avoid chunky glitter

December 16th, 2011 | Contributed by:

Chunky glitter is overdoing it!The holiday season calls for a certain level of glitz and glam, but according to Allure magazine, that doesn't mean you should be reaching for chunky glitters.

Glitter with very large flecks doesn't offer you the shimmery effect you're looking for. It reflects too much light, which can be distracting, and it ends up looking like something a middle schooler would try to pull off. The key to the sparkly look is to pick an eyeshadow with just the right hint of shimmer. BABOR – Eye Shadow has a number of great options that will subtly catch the light without the risk of blinding anyone.

The best place to use glitter is on your lids and in the inner corners of your eyes. It can brighten your entire face and make your eyes appear wider and more awake – which certainly comes in handy when you look tired. Jane Iredale – PurePressed Duo Eye Shadow comes with a light and dark shade that gives you the perfect contrast, making the entire process virtually foolproof.


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