Is there a right way to apply concealer?

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Is there a right way to apply concealer?

One of woman's best friends is undoubtedly concealer, and for good reason. This miracle cosmetic is perfect for covering up everything from dark circles to unsightly blemishes. However, many people are split on how to apply the makeup. Should concealer always be used after foundation? Is cream better than powder? 

In actuality, the fact of the matter is that it's purely up to you. Each person has her own preferences, meaning you shouldn't dwell too much on your makeup routine! However, Oprah claims that applying your concealer after using foundation can help you feel less naked and give you the flawless appearance you desire.

When it comes to cream versus powder, choose whichever option is most comfortable for you. Some people enjoy the lightness of powder, while others feel that cream is more efficient at hiding blemishes. To make sure that your face is always perfect, Daily Glow encourages you to take the time to choose a concealer that works with your skin tone. The right color can be the difference between a beautiful appearance and one that seems like it could use more work. 


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