Isla Fisher shows off pout with glossy pink lipstick

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Isla Fisher shows off pout with glossy pink lipstick

If you’ve already got your True makeup alongside you in time for summer, you might think that you don’t need to do any more preparation for the upcoming season. However, you can always expand your knowledge of cosmetics and application by seeing what Hollywood celebs are doing on the red carpet.

One woman who can give you inspiration is actress Isla Fisher, who recently wowed crowds when she made an appearance at the premiere of “Now You See Me” in New York City. The fiery redhead knew just which features to highlight on her face with her makeup, and she showed that spring is the perfect time to rock a pink, glossy lipstick. While she chose to go bold on her pout, she kept it simple around her eyes with a little bit of silver shimmery eyeshadow to make her peepers pop. With a hint of dark mascara on her lashes, Fisher was ready to turn heads!

If you want to wear pink lipstick without looking too bold, InStyle magazine recommends trying a matte appearance. Simply dab a small amount of translucent powder onto your pout to finish off your look.

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