Ke$ha stuns onlookers with violet lipstick

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Ke$ha stuns onlookers with violet lipstick

When she isn’t making headlines for her outrageous party songs, Ke$ha is tearing it up on the red carpet. This is just what she did when she arrived at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in what some are calling her most unusual outfit yet.

The pop star decided to go with pants – white see-through lace pants – and a floral printed tanktop. She donned a black vest, primarily made up of tassels that cascaded down to her knees. On her head, Ke$ha wore a large wide-brimmed hat with a purple flower. However, it was her makeup that seemed to steal the show.

The singer opted for dark violet lipstick – what some would call closer to black – and equally dark makeup around her peepers. She appeared to use liquid eyeliner around her eyes to create a cat-eye look that matched her eerie, creative ensemble.

Did you like what you saw from Ke$ha at the MTV Movie Awards? You can pull off dark lipstick of your own. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, you can easily choose a lipstick based on your skin tone. If you have fair skin, opt for a lighter shade of purple or magenta. Darker skin can allow you to go deeper and more dramatic with your lipstick.


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