Kim Kardashian matches makeup to her red dress

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Kim Kardashian matches red dress to her makeup

Who says you can’t look stunning in designer ensembles while you’re pregnant? Reality star Kim Kardashian continues to prove people wrong with her public events. Recently, she made an appearance in Las Vegas to promote her new fragrance, “Glam.” Kardashian wowed onlookers in a red dress that showcased her baby bump and her voluptuous curves.

Most notably, she chose to match her outfit and makeup seamlessly in true Kardashian fashion. The celebrity wore hot red lipstick on her pout, which complemented her maternity dress wonderfully. On her cheeks, she had a light pink blush and plenty of shimmer to emphasize her pregnancy glow.

Kardashian opted for a light, silvery eyeshadow that gave her peepers a little brightness. She chose a black mascara for her lashes, which gave them an ample amount of length and volume.

While not everyone can have the looks of a Kardashian, it’s possible to achieve the same shine that Kim did at the “Glam” unveiling! Simply add a little drama to your eyes with black waterproof mascara and apply a chic, bold color to your pout. Get her gorgeous glow by brushing a little shimmer powder onto your cheeks.


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