Make orange lips yours this season

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Make orange lips yours this season

While not a traditional lip shade, orange lips have been emerging everywhere from the red carpet to the runway – and the look is more versatile than you might think. Makeup artist Gucci Westman told Allure Magazine that bright orange gives a "warm, sunny effect." She advised sticking with matte shades, as the color is already bold enough without a sparkle or shimmer. Particularly with a summer tan, this hue can infuse the right amount of color with everything from denim during the day to a cocktail dress in the evening. 

If you're sporting the trend for the first time, try sheer lipstick like Paula Dorf's Lip Color Sheer Tint in Rhythm. The formula has SPF15 and hydrates and conditions lips so the color stays smooth and shiny. It's the perfect amount of pigment without being too overpowering.

And if you're eager to join the tangerine craze but are looking to treat lips at the same time, Borghese's B Moisture Advanced Care Lipcolour in Misto Mandarino is ideal. These orange lipsticks contain beta vera, vitamin E and the Acqua di Vita Complex which keep lips moisturized for more long-lasting color. As an added benefit, the product strengthens lips and encourages the production of collagen for a plumping effect.

No matter your skin tone or personal style, orange lips can be yours this summer with the right product and shade.


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