Want fuller-looking lips? Try this trick!There's nothing wrong with having lips that are on the thinner side – plenty of celebs manage to make theirs pop with fun colors and glosses, and you can too. But if you're looking for an easy, go-to way to make your pout appear fuller, sexier and more voluptuous, here's a tip from The Beauty Department that'll make you jump for joy.

The best part? You'll only need two products to pull it off. The first is your favorite lip color, like something from the being TRUE – Pure Lip Color collection. It can be anything from watermelon pink to cherry red to wild fuchsia – as long as you love it, it'll work!

The second product you'll need is a highlighting powder, which could be either a shimmery eyeshadow or something along the lines of Pixi – Lumi Lux Radiance Power.

Now just apply your lip color as usual, then dip your finger in the powder and use it to stamp the color on the center of your bottom and top lips. This will create a flattering 3D effect that'll make your lips look positively plump!

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