Rihanna’s makeup artist opens up about her techniques

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Rihanna's makeup artist opens up about her techniques

One woman who’s been on front covers of magazines as of late is Rihanna, and for good reason. The songstress recently kicked off her Diamonds World Tour, which has her traveling around the globe performing singles to adoring fans. In order to hit the right note with the crowd every night, Rihanna has been paying special attention to the makeup she wears on stage.

Recently, The Telegraph had the opportunity to go behind the scenes to see how Rihanna selects cosmetics for her performances. What the source found was that the singer – who has plenty of natural beauty – primarily focuses on prepping her face for makeup rather than caking it on.

Furthermore, Rihanna’s makeup artist doesn’t skimp on moisturizer to rehydrate her tired skin prior to using other makeup, according to Elle magazine.

“Don’t over-powder your complexion,” Karin Darnell, Rihanna’s makeup artist, told the news source. “Moisture in the skin is a sign of youth. Simply blot excess oil with a tissue and dust lightly with powder.”

If you want to get Rihanna’s look, focus more on keeping your skin healthy before you immediately run to your concealer and foundation!


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