Sandra Bullock knows how to show off her natural beauty

June 20th, 2013 | Contributed by:

Sandra Bullock knows how to show off her natural beauty

While you might think you need an ample amount of True makeup and hair products to make yourself look gorgeous, limiting how much you use can potentially help you show off your natural beauty. Sandra Bullock can tell you all about this as she continues to do photo calls for her new movie, "The Heat."

Recently, Bullock was in Germany for a media event pertaining to the film, and she looked absolutely dazzling in front of the cameras. She chose to wear a nude lipstick and black eyeliner around the rims of her peepers. On the apples of her cheeks, she had a sheer pink for a little color. Bullock once again proved that you can look glamorous without going over the top when you step out in public. 

If you're used to wearing bold colors on your lips, you might feel a bit uncomfortable going with a neutral shade. However, there are a couple of ways you can pull it off like a pro, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. Make sure to choose a color that meshes well with your skin tone or you'll risk making your face look washed out – stay within two hues of your natural skin tone.


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