Say good-bye to colorful makeup in fall 2013

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Say good-bye to colorful makeup in fall 2013

Is it a little too soon to be thinking about fall? Makeup artists don’t think so, and many of the cosmetics trends that are expected to take the season by storm can be found on the runway right now. Recently, Allure magazine reported on some of the makeup styles you’ll likely be seeing later this year once summer has wrapped up.

Most notably, you might want to keep your Dermablend concealer on hand, as natural, feminine looks appear to be reigning supreme on the runway. There’s no better way to showcase your beautiful features than with neutral eyeshadow, lipstick and blush, and this is what Valentino tried to stress at a recent show.

Another trend that seemed to be emerging was the glossy, nude pout. Gone are the days when women were scrambling to get their hands on bold red lipstick – now is the time to go colorless and show off your lips as they are.

If you’re used to wearing pops of color, it might be a bit challenging to tone it down a little bit. However, Real Simple magazine claims that you can easily take advantage of this trend once fall arrives by sticking to your concealer to hide your flaws and go bare.


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